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RE: My thoughts on Steemfest²

in #my-notes4 years ago

Oh, I'm so happy you were welcome in my hometown and country! I'm proud SteemFest2 was held there, and I hope to be present in the next one. Thanks for your support, @kevinwong, I truly appreciate it. Cheers to you and to my friend @charlie777pt, that introduced me to Steemit, I can never thank that enough!


Awesome, glad you're finding the platform life changing in some ways :)

I do, truly. I'm a humanist so I identify myself with a platform based on altruism, meritocracy, and kindness. So far is what I have met here on Steemit. Cheers, Kevin, nice to meet you :)) I will visit your blog. I guess I should have known about you (74 of reputation, wow!), but it's never too late :)). Thanks for your comment!