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Maybe you've heard the name Ayana Jihye Moon or Ayana Moon. Yes, this South Korean woman is a former member of F-VE Dolls, or so-called 5Dolls, a Korean girl band with seven members.

Ayana Jihye Moon's decision to be a South Korean Muslim and wearing hijab makes many people stunned. Because, in Korea alone, many people who do not have a religion because they still believe in the concept of gods and goddesses.

Girlgroup 5Dolls or F-VE Dolls is a Korean girlband that has now broken up.

F-VE Dolls is a Korean girl band with seven members.

They got a lot of attention in the early days because it is the 'sister' of the popular girl group T-ARA which is both formed by MBK Entertainment.

This girl group released many songs such as Lip Stains, Your Words, Like This Or That, and many more.
Ayana's decision to go to this hijab made many people shocked.
Because, in South Korea alone the number of Muslims is still very little.
Not only that, in South Korea the number of women is also rarely berhijab.
Most of the people who are veiled are foreigners who come to the land of ginseng.
Through Youtube, he explained how to convert to Islam.
Ayana is learning Islam from the internet!
Initially, Ayana was very curious about the teachings of Islam.
He then searched for years and studied Islam through the internet.
Ayana also had to follow the camping for 3 days.
He also increasingly determined to convert to Islam.
In fact, among his close relatives or his parents, no one knows about Islam.
But even so, Ayana claimed no trouble while undergoing the process of becoming a South Korean muslimah.
He also hopes there will be more Korean muslimah who dared to reveal his story as a Muslim.
Ayana is currently studying at one of the universities in Malaysia.
In addition, this beautiful girl is also a model you know!
Especially the models of Muslim clothing.

well it's a little story about a beautiful girl travel from korea may be a reflection and inspiration for us
greeting steam

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