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I’m very sure you can, because selling ebooks is about 99% of my income, and has been steadily rising since I started in 2010.

To be fair, I don’t just sell ebooks though.

Instead, I package them with several bonuses, such as video courses and audio courses that are extremely relevant to the initial ‘main’ ebook for sale.

Most people will say you need to be an "expert" - or generating content for years in order to get results - but I don't believe that. The first piece of content I ever released online was an ebook, for sale, under a name I made up - and it still sells daily.

Here's why:

"Ebooks are simply information, packaged, and information is (by far) the most valuable commodity in the world"

If you want to go down this road, then here’s 7 tips:

  1. Only sell “How To” type ebooks. Fiction is much harder to sell.

  2. Stick to the most profitable niche markets in the world. They all fall under the umbrella of the big 3: money, health, relationships.

  3. Within those markets get specific. For example, instead of “lose weight” you could create something far more appealing to a certain demographic; like “how to lose weight for men over 40"

  4. That last point is a double edged sword. Not only is it now more appealing to fat guys over 40, but you can also increase your sales conversion rate dramatically by only targeting traffic that is “fat men over 40"

  5. I also go against the grain and do not use large online hubs, like Amazon etc. Sure, they can give you some easy sales, but they will also take a very large portion of the revenue. Amazon is good for lead generation, not for revenue. For the same reason, I would never use a publisher. These days, they often cannot market your product any better than you can.

  6. Instead of a publisher or Amazon, just create your offer and then sell it yourself with an extremely basic website. The more simple it is, the better. I'm not sure why, I've just noticed that to be the case.

  7. Promoting your ebooks is a bigger topic than creating your ebooks. But the most valuable lesson that most people agree with - is to build your list, segment your list, and keep in contact with your list.

I know this question is a year old but it came up in my feed, so hopefully it helps someone.

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