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There are lot of freelancing option to earn moey online with digital marketing skills. You can try STEEMGIGS, which is a freelancing site built on top of steem.

The real deal is to get customers, they will search for you if you show them your skills, but still you will need customers to show off your skills. Its always difficult to take the first step in any field, but try marketing yourself to people and catch some customers, satisfy them al they will drive traffic to you.

Good Luck.

If you have marketing skill then you can earn money in many ways. Marketing guys know how to sell product very well. They can also make by referral program. Marketing guys can make money using social marketing its best way to advertise your product. And they can easily build relation between customer and sell product. So there are many ways to earn if you have marketing knowledge you can start your YouTube channel and share marketing skill its best way to earn money.

Marketing skills depends on many ways because you should have many best things in you so that you can give your customers best service with your marketing skills.
1)Speech:- this is very good thing to have some attraction towards customers by your good speech
2)Thinking power:- Thinking power should be proper if you want customers in marketing skills because if customers get some question you should have a knowledge regarding your plan