How can one get rid of persistent body odour naturally?

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Body odor can be a real headache especially when one has to interact with a lot of people. There are some simple ways to get rid of it.

  • Bathe two times a day with a good soap that contains citrus products. The citrus extract helps remove body odor and gives a fresh feeling. 
  • Use a good scrub to bathe and remove all dust and grime.
  • Use mild  to warm water for bathing.
  • Oil baths are also good and the best ones are olive oil or coconut oil. 
  • Prepare a paste of turmeric powder. a spoon of cream, gram flour and smear it on the body after an oil massage and then wash it off with a regular bath using scrub. 
  • Natural scrubs like coconut fiber is the best instead of using  fancy ones.
  • After the bath, use deodorant if you like.
  • Taking an oil bath once or twice a week helps keep the body healthy, especially the skin. 

I hope you find these tips useful. 

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Lemon juice with a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate in the middle of your bath, use warm water to open your pores, believe me it is very effective.

I was in love with the Liril soap for the freshness but later they changed and the new one is not even close.

I forgot where was i going with this :D?