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RE: 🎼 Musikschnipselcontest #14 🎼 - Guess the song and win STEEM and VALIUM 😎

@prinzvalium, First part : Took us for the Musical Time Travel.

Second Part: Dark room with focused light on the center where guitarist showcasing magical guitar talent.

Third Part: One person saw a creepy door and step by step moved towards that door and when it got opened then it took him to a Musical Universe.

Have a blessed time ahead.


Yes, I had the same feeling with the third song. Reminds me to a horror movie. Do you know Saw?

Good to know that. No, who is SAW?

Don't you watch Hollywood movies in India?

Majority watch it. In my case i don't watch many not because they are not amazing to watch, just because i spend my time on Bollywood Movies. Let me know from which movie SAW Character is from i want to watch it. 🙂

But this video is very creepy and extremely cruel. You need very strong nerves.

Watched it and definitely a cruel and creepy gaming madness. One thing is for true Many don't appreciate their blessings we can call them in a way sick. I will watch this movie to see how it starts and how it ends. Have a great time ahead.

Much fun and good nerves with this movie :)


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