7 Day Way Back Music Challenge - Day 1 [ Demons - Imagine Dragons ]

Back in university, I was known for having good music collection. But there were songs, introduced to me by my dear friends. This is one of them. I remember, me and my one good friend used to listen it at high volume, blowing speakers of our laptops while doing brain-wrecking programming assignments. Our other friend (roommate as well) hated this song and she used to keep on cursing us while we listened the song and turned deaf ears towards her.
Now that we don't see each other much because everyone's got her own life and live far apart, we do miss that golden time and get a good laugh every now and then.

Enjoy !

The Rules

  1. Choose one song from your high-school/college years.
  2. Write a few words about who made you listen to this song for the first time, what this song means to you (was it a breakup song? you blasted it at 100% on your audio system when you were partying with your friends?) whatever you want.
  3. Write your text while listening to the song. As soon as the song ends, wrap up what you where writing and submit it.
  4. Do this for 7 days in a row if you get nominated
  5. Mention one person who should do this on each day.
  6. Tag it with #musicwaybackchallenge and include these rules at the bottom of your post
  7. Follow @greek-trail for great content made by our fellow Greeks!

I haven't been nominated. I liked the challenge that's why I'm participating. If you have enjoyed this song, you are nominated by me automatically. :-)

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