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A lot has changed since we did the intitial post and video on @MusicVoter so we thought we'd do an update and hopefully a succinct post with everything you need to know to get regular upvotes.

You can just read the post below or you can watch the video which accompanies it:


Curation Trail Settings

If your account has less than 50SP (Steem Power) then we would recommend you use a 100% fixed upvote (this is NOT the default so you will need to click on "Settings" and change it).

The reason we say this is because anything less may result in your upvote creating what is know as "dust". This basically means that your upvote is so small that the system will not give you anything! So it is better to do fewer 100% upvotes and get something than lots of small upvotes and get nothing!

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 13.13.31.png

You should also leave the "TIME TO WAIT" as 0 because the MusicVoter Curation Trail already waits about 28 minutes before upvoting a post to try and maximise the rewards (this is not an exact science!).

Again if your account is less than 50SP you should also go to THE DASHBOARD in SteemAuto and set the "Limit on voting power" to 95%. As your account upvotes more and more posts this percentage decreases and in turn the upvote value decreases with it. If you allow it to drop below 95% you are in danger of creating "dust" again even with the 100% setting above.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 13.19.27.png

Helping New Accounts

@MusicVoter is all about helping and supporting music related content and those of you who have been here a while will now how difficult it is to get going at the beginning. With this in mind accounts with less than 50SP will get a disproportionately large upvote to help them get established. Once they reach 50SP the upvote percentage will revert to a formula as follows:

Accounts Over 50SP

Once your account reaches 50SP you will be expected to delegate regularly to MusicVoter and a formula will be used to calculate your upvote percentage based on your delegation as a proportion of the overall delegation pool.

Here is how to delegate:

It's a good idea to let us know when you have delegated so we can update your percentage. The best way to do that is in OUR DISCORD.

And remember that @MusicVoter is just one service offered by to help independent musicians and fans. We have the website, a DLive radio show and lots more in the pipeline!

We hope you will decide to join us and become part of our awesome community.

Thank you!


@MusicVoter is part of the Atom Collector Records family
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Great info, thanks...I think mine wasn't set up properly, but followed the instructions in your post here, hopefully it will improve things now =)

Would you recommend limiting the number of curation trails and fanbases to follow?

Still getting my head around this stuff =P

It certainly gets more complicated if you follow more than one unless you have a very large account. You will probably find your voting power keeps hitting the lower limit and if you reduce the upvote percentages then you will start to generate "dust".

So whilst it is commendable that you would like to help as many as possible it makes a lot more sense to wait until you have 100s of SP.

OK, thanks for that I may need to make a few changes then, like I said...still trying to get my head around it all, does this apply to the curation trail, or the fanbase, or both? And would just disabling some of them work (rather than unfollowing)?

Both and yes you can disable them so they are ready for when your account grows.

Thanks for the info, that was really useful (no really!), I'll just set it up for Musicvoter for now then, hopefully I'll grow enough to follow the others I was following (just on disabled for now)

Happy to be a part of this, I am just getting the @emsteemians project to support conscious hip-hop artists across the platform off the ground. I think I have done everything necessary to join, but please let me know if I missed something. I can use all the help I can get to promote this.

Thank you. I will go and check now and set you up for upvotes.

Stoked to start getting involved with this. I recently released my FREE debut conscious Hip-Hop album through CD Baby, and it is currently available on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, & iTunes. I will be posting each track to DSound, 1 by 1 very soon, and would like assistance getting involved with Musicoin, or any other means of promotion or revenue that could be donated. I believe I have done everything necessary to join, but please let me know if I missed something. Blessings.

Thank you. I have set you up to receive a 1% upvote based on the amount you have delegated. Please join our Discord to get involved with our awesome community who can help you get more exposure for your music.

Be sure to add your tracks to our website, where you can get plays for your music on Choon, Musicoin, SoundCloud, Spotify, BandCamp & more. You listen to other people's tracks to earn credits that can be used to get your own tracks played.

Thanks for joining our awesome community and have fun!

I am already on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, & BandCamp, should I still add my tracks to your website?

Indeed you should :-) Choon is working best at the moment followed by Musicoin and SoundCloud. Spotify is a little slow as their embedded player is not very good so people get frustrated with it and give up.

You do have to listen to other people's tracks to earn credits to keep your own tracks in play though but I think you'll find it's worth it. :-)