Musicoin: makes adjustment to PPP protocol

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Dear artists,

We are pleased to inform you that we will continue to give you the highest pay rates in the industry. Musicoin guarantees best artist payouts among top streaming services !

With this adjustment in place, the platform will be coded to distribute a payout total equivalent to 0.011USD worth of Musicoin per play whenever its market price is less than 0.01.USD And unlike leading streaming services, artists on Musicoin are awarded 100% of their streaming royalties, instantly.

This particular adjustment will be automatically disabled whenever Musicoin’s market price goes above the minimum payout of $0.011, so artists can profit from volatility. Additionally, the minimum payout may be increased in the future, in order to remain the top payer among leading platforms.

Keep spreading the word and thank you for sharing your music on Musicoin,

— Musicoin Team

See the original Press release here.
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