Come Little Children: Hocus Pocus (OST cover + music video) + The Witch in the Woods + hike (abandoned ruins)

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Halloween is drawing near and the veil is getting thin... so get ready for some eerie entries this October... :). Video was done last Fall, but many of the pictures have been recently edited and are shared now for the first time.
Sharing here a special creepy little music video I made for Halloween last year as I am preparing a new seasonal special for this one. In the mood for something slightly eerie? This post also includes photo shoot, filming locations, and lots of pictures!

Are you in Halloween mood quite yet? Do you usually celebrate it?
Are you plotting your costume already?
There will be some "Special Spectral entries" as Autumn is here now in its full glory with its mysterious mists and fallen leaves.
Press play to listen / watch the video featuring several locations in Spain and France.

the witch in the woods - by priscilla Hernandez (

Who remembers this movie?

Hocus Pocus is a fantasy seasonal Halloween movie that was released in 1993 by Disney. Featuring a trio of Witches (The Sanderson Sisters) the movie is lighthearted and fun entertainment, but there was an eerie haunting moment, darker than the rest of the film by its tone and meaning, that stayed with me longer, and that was the moment Sarah, the blonde haired witch (how appropiate) uses her power, her sweet voice with wich she is able to lure unfortunate children into her lair... just like a Siren.
So as a collector of movie scores, my main and major influence in my own music, I have been picking some "classics" from my childhood and giving them a spin within my own style. And thus here I'm sharing my own version of the soundtrack.
So do you remember this movie?


Fair use, Link

It was indeed a commercial and critical flop back in the day but slowly it became a cult classic. Apparently there is a sequel about to be released too after so many years. I remember it with fondness though and some scenes like Sarah singing this song are quite vivid in my mind... It is now a seasonal classic of my generation, so well drop also your impressions if you remember or have watched it. If not, this is the perfect month to have a look at it!

I put a spell on you and now you're mine

But this post is more than about the song but also the hikes and behind the scenes of this little creepy video I made as Halloween special. (Preparing another surprise for this one) as we get into the mood for the forthcoming All Hallows Eve. Despite being blonde myself and having a "similar garment" than the character that sings it I did not pretend to cosplay the character but tell a different kind of story (darker in mood) than the original take... I am curious about your own interpretations.

The veil is getting thinner...


"Sarah's Theme" is one of the sung and most iconic tracks in Hocus Pocus Movie score with music by James Horner; lyrics by Brock Walsh inspired by Edgard Allan Poe; performed by Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie. Additional variations were made by who was in charge of most of the instrumental soundtrack of the movie. The theme also known as "Garden of magic" and has become a rather well known seasonal Halloween classic. There are longer versions but the original lyrics (very short) are these:

Come little children, I'll take thee away,
Into a land of enchantment.
Come little children, the time's come to play,
Here in my garden of magic.


Original version

Credits: Sarah´s theme was composed by James Horner and variations and rest of the movie soundtrack by John Debney Lyrics by Brock Walsh.
John Debney was kind enough to listen to my version and send back a compliment which I found so encouraging. This is just a tribute cover and it' was not an official release, I always recommend to purchase the ORIGINAL soundtrack but I enjoyed recording this as it was a challenge was a good practise to improve my hammered dulcimer playing :) and thus it deviates quite a lot from the original arrangement.

I loved your rendition, it sounded great John Debney (Hocus Pocus OST composer and conductor)

My version

Priscilla Hernandez Come Little Children - by Héctor Corcín.jpg

Cover and arrangements by me, Priscilla Hernandez @yidneth (

Priscilla Hernandez @yidneth: voice, lead and choir, arrangements, hammered dulcimer, piano, video edition
Armen Vartanyan: violin
Svetlana Tovstukha: cello
Héctor Corcín @hedac : mixing, mastering, camera work, video edition

Filming locations

the witch in the woods - by priscilla Hernandez (

The abandoned decaying ruins of a former village of miners of Arruitzgain on Basakaitz Mount (Spain) served as main background to film the video... There used to be also a train (Plazaola) to transport the minerals from this area that has been of mining interest since the Romans settlements in the area... And at the beginning of the hike you can choose to go over the now deserted rails and tunnels. Then there is a hike uphill while while enjoying a forest of long and slender beech trees. I filmed this exactly mid October last year but the leaves hadn't fully shifted into autumn colours quite yet (thus we used color correction in the video to make it moodier)

early autumn forest - by Héctor Corcín.jpg

The mining village was abandoned in the fifties and barely a few buildings tumbling down and emerging chimneys and walls over the engulfing and lush vegetation and they look much older while a thick pad of moss, vines and blackberry bushes have covered the walls.

the witch in the woods - by priscilla Hernandez (

It felt convenient that there was a fireplace in one of them... oddly enough with signs of recent use, maybe one hiker took the remaining building structure as shelter.

the witch in the woods - by priscilla Hernandez (

Don't worry, I don't eat children, I'm vegetarian ;-)

We also collected some wood in order to create that uneasy feeling of "Witch in the Woods" as I was intending to do a video for the song "Come Little Children" anyway. I always try to release a Halloween special, wether a cover of Halloween classic like this, or an original... so already working in this year special Halloween release. The early autumn filtered light was perfect and I found a perfect witchy staff out of a wooden stick.

After filming we stayed in the woods until dark... you had to be careful as light got dim you could easily for into hollows like this

the witch in the woods - by priscilla Hernandez (

bank_bertiz_priscilla hernandez.jpg

El Señorío de Bertiz also in Navarra (Spain) served as additional location including the spooky shot at the end wearing a mask I made out of a piece of bark I collected from the floor. It's a place we often visit and hike that I will cover in detail in one of my "hiking adventures" posts. But here a clear still of that "eerie ominous ending". I decided to add a spooky reverse effect to finish. And well , I think I succeeded in my "spectral" makeover.


Additional scenes were added filmed on or hike to the mountaing Midi dOssau (French Pyrenees), some general scenes of autumnal elements and small waterfalls and conveniently filming scenes dressed in black like casting spells in different spots on our ascent. Yes, I hiked with a corset up to the Pyrenees and here is proof!
I even got into thef freezing mountain lake but I did not use that footage in the final edit of the video.


Priscilla Hernandez Autumn witch - by priscilla Hernandez (

In conclusion

Little boys and girls don't get lost in the woods after dark

the witch in the woods - by priscilla Hernandez (

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Your voice gives me goose bumps.


What Drakos said. I love you Pris.. sorry we have been a little out of touch lately.. I'm always still adoring you no matter where we are. ♥


My sweet Serena, I know, life has been hectic on this end too but you know I'm always there for you to share cute ratties and cake while you pour tea and cookies. All the love back to you my sweet songbird!


Thanks always for your support my sweet Captain. When it comes with a lovely comment wider smile.

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I remember this and Ernest Scared Stupid were two of my favorite Halloween movies before getting into the obligatory slasher flicks like Friday the 13th a few years later. Nice cover!


Aww and thanks for the resteem :)


Awww thanks, it is a childrens movie but i liked that cut of the song, darker and more haunting than the rest of the movie

Creepy cool :)

Your work is always of great quality @yidneth, I'm looking forward to this years Halloween production.


All I can say is Haunted House

Oh my lovely... I’ve always loved the beautiful eeriness of that song and you made me love it even more ❤️

Stunning photos as usual, give that man a hug for me!

always loved that movie...Such a classic. While I’m not one who really celebrates Halloween I guess.. this movie and bowl of popcorn always seem to happen


Awww thank you, yes it was the haunring moment of the movie. Kind of alluring dangerously. Thx for the lovely coment.
Pd Hug was given on your behalf.
Teamwork you know

What a a nice and magical post (¡Como siempre!). The pics are beautiful and the song is awesome. It reminds me Green Leaves, which is one I love.

I have no connection to Halloween, but I love your post!



Nosotros tampoco tenemos esas celebraciones de disfraces, quizá ahora más porque las fiestas se hacen populares y se importan, yo soy más de celebrar el Samhain como una noche mágica (soy muy científica pero me gustan los mitos y leyendas) y el folklore popular, perfecto día para contar historias de fantasmas. La canción no es mía sino de una banda sonora, aunque todo el arreglo es propio y el humor y tono (del video también) es más sombrío que en en el original. Pues alguna vez he tocado green sleeves (son mangas verdes, no hojas verdes) igual debería grabar un cover, esas tradicionales no tienen problemas en ser versionadas.


Tremenda sorpresa me has dado con lo del titulo de la canción que yo llamaba Hojas Verdes. Lo más impresionante es que amo esa canción desde hace más de 40 años y nunca me había fijado en lo del título. Contribuye a mi error que hay muchas versiones de la canción con el titulo equivocado.

A mí que "casi no me gustar echar cuentos", creo que me has dado una nueva historia a desarrollar, jejeje.

Gracias por tu respuesta.

I think creepy sums it up, @yidneth. :) Great production and very lovely, but eerie singing, too.

I've not been very keen on Halloween as an adult, but we did take both our boys trick or treating when they were younger. We changed the tradition for a while to eating out, but my wife decided a few years back she didn't like that, so we're back at having dinner at home so she can hand out candy to the few children who do come by.

This will be the first year that our granddaughter, who is 16 months, will go out trick or treating. I think my daughter-in-law has some kind of fairy costume in mind for her to wear.

I know of Hocus Pocus. I'm not sure I've seen it all the way through. If I did, it's probably been 20-25 years ago.

Thanks for taking us to where the video was filmed. Great locations, and very appropriate settings for the video. Well done all around.


The movie us lighthearted fun but that song was eerie and I went for a more serious approach. We do not celebrate halloween the way you do but Samhain is tradotionally one of the thin veiled dates in many cultures and makes it appropiate for ghost tales by the fire.
Oh i bet your granddaughter will have a great time

I just discovered you and have been watching your videos on Youtube (subscribed!) and added you to my Google Play library.
Great voice and art, just followed you here on Steemit :)
Thank you so much forest fairy!

Oh my goodness, as soon as I saw the title of your post I couldn't click quickly enough! I love it and was waiting for you to post this!

An amazing accompanying video as well.

Sarah is my favourite of the three and I always wanted her to have a spinoff moment as she seemed like she was not truly an 'evil' witch but just went along with her sisters. Like a moment where she is distracted bya fairy and follows it off and then has her own adventure. :)

I can't wait to see what you are going to bring out more as Halloween approaches.


My own music (songs like Haunted, Nightmare, Off the Lane or The Underliving) is sometimes very dark in a very ethereal way. I remember when a child people used to compare me with Sarah and honestly we don't look much alike except for our sense of fashion, humming eerie tunes and hair hahah (the hair is a replica). I kind of thought she was naiver that the rest hahha
Well Halloween this year is gonna be about a "Haunted manor"

I looooved this song the best from the movie, which I also loved. Thank you for sharing this lovely Pris ♡♡♡ Your voice is so gorgeous and perfect for this.


Thank you so much, it was my fav part of the movie too. 🐀

Impressive. New to your feed and MUCH to catch up on. Love the duet you did a couple months ago too.

Wow! That music video is just amazing!

The setting, the music, the voice... the way the camera panned around. Everything is just perfect! Well done. Real pro work.



Your music and art is so beautiful Priscilla. You take me away to a special place when I experience your gift. Thank you.

This is absolutely my favorite Halloween movie. We watch it almost every day in October.

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It wasn't that big success at the moment but somehow it has become a cult seasonal favourite

Whoa! I remember! I had a cruch on Bette Midler after that movie Beaches for like ever. Just the voice. And speaking of voices, another one well done sweets.


Actually this song was sung by Sarah (the blonde sister, who actually sported a hair similar to mine and was wearing a garment similar to the ones I wear (as daily wear hahah). But I don't eat children for dinner...
aww and thanks, I was really thrilled the original composer (well co-composer) bothered to listen and forward a compliment, he was amazing!


I watched the movie because of Bette tho. If she wasn't in it, it probably would have never hot my radar. I heard children are pretty nutritious tho🤣😂🤣

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A lot of effort went into that video D: I wouldn't have realised there were so many filming locations if you hadn't covered that XD

I watched the video before launching into the rest of the post and as soon as you started singing I was like IT'S THAT SONG FROM THAT MOVIE (couldn't recall which one even though it was blatantly in the title, I'm working on that second coffee as I type XD). I don't remember anything else from the movie, just that song. Can't even recall the specific scene. You have a nice voice by the way. Are you secretly a fae?


I have not seen the movie myself in a long time but that moment was eerie vivid and it was for many. I love the music just instrumental score too.

I missed this one, so beautiful! great places and shoots, and a perfect song


Thank you so much in this case it is a doundtrack from a movie as little geek tribute though the arrangement is entirely new. My former band members (still friend) at cello and violin and me on the rest, choir, hammered dulcimer. It is entirely acoustic.


I loved all the instruments and vocals sounds which you performed in this track, also those hammered dulcimer (the instrument is looks like our Santur) I like its ancient sound. I had a friend who was creating Santur. I only played it in my childhood, really great instrument.
You've done the whole track wonderful, I also have to add that your acts and customs was perfect, the intro scene looks really great, the way camera moves also at 0:36 the scene is wonderful and cinematic. I love recording and editing films that's why I like these things :D , when I have a scene which doesnt moves, in post production I am adding a camera movement on it which gives my scenes a life :D.

ese sonido interno que tiene la canción es como la magia y tu voz es única una gran producción te felicito, este post fue todo un sueño bonito de fantasías, gracias por estar aquí con nosotros y regalarnos tu gran arte.

You are amazing. Truly.


Awww thank you, blush

I love that movie! I remember going to see it in the theatre. Believe it or not, there was a bit of a mild upset from the Religious Right because the movie "glorified Satan' and other moral panic hogwash. My friends and I were joking about that for weeks.

It reminds me of the time when a movie that was well done took quite a bit of work, because all the effects had to be done in-camera, IE had to be real. For instance, the producers had to hire master weavers and mechanical engineers to create a fabric that would float properly in the wind, as there was no such textile in existence at the time. The costumes of the witches had to be very carefully applied and cared for, as they were extremely delicate. And that kind of effort could keep a group of people entertained for weeks, even months, afterwards. In-jokes and movie references were practically an artform in themselves.

Unfortunately, with the advent of CGI, any effect can now be thrown together almost ad-hoc. While it has certainly allowed for great movies, like the Marvel films, to finally be done properly; it has also cheapened the wonder of movies to a large degree. They no longer impress people the way they used to, because the rarity is gone.

But back to the original point.. Yes, this is a great movie, and Yes, this video kicks ass. =)

Even if you wear a black cape, who can be afraid of you, Pris? Gehehhee.
What a lovely post, as usual, I am thoroughly entertained by the music and the photos and your writing <333.


Well I think all the "eeriness" of it concentrates in the last ten seconds, in which I think the tone of warning escalates... yes, I'm luring children after all so I have to be sweet "as candy" :) hahahah but me collecting wood, the fireplace with scorched rests and my masked version in reverse I think that settles the eerie tone to finish it with

I think I look eerie

witch in the woods 0 - by Héctor Corcín (2).jpg


Now you're talking!!! :D


she's like that at the end of the video, I think that's the whole trick into it :) sweet luring and then just a few seconds glimpse of well... truer intentions HAHAHA


Whoa!! I must be blind because I saw the video until the end but didn't really catch a good glimpse of it.
I stand corrected! XD


It's conveniently "dimmed" they don't have to know until it's.... late LOL

Very well done video by the way.

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Thanks, it was curious to blend three different sites into one seamessly