Our record label is now present @ Choon; A blockchain based music streaming platform

in music •  7 months ago

The age of blockchain based streaming platforms are here!


Oh boy, I am totally stoked about where this rabbit hole of technological innovation and restructuring of incentivization is going in the next few years!

As many other music producers I am sick of paying platforms like Soundcloud a monthly fee; In reality, they should be paying and incentivizing us, the content producers. (This should sound familiar to all you Steemians...)

I read about Choon only a few hours ago in a post made by @harrisonmir. As I am very interested in the space of merging music and blockchain, I immediately signed up for an account on the platform!

Only a few minutes after signing up I was approved for an artist account and could start uploading tracks. To test out this new platform I decided to upload our record label's first release; 'VA-Hugin'.

This release goes through many styles from downtempo on the first track, trough dark progressive, forest, darkpsy & experimental.

You can check it out yourself here:

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Nice dude, glad that post did some good! Very stoked to see so many great musicians getting on board. I'll see ya on there!


Thanks for spreading the word bro, see you at Choon!

Been jamming your tunes on there regularly. Pleasure to be early for once with you!


Thank you for the kind words @drumoperator!

I guess by "on there regularly" you mean at the Dsound platform?
(Since yesterday was my first upload on the Choon platform...)

I see you have become quite active on the many different decentralized platforms yourself, do you have any tips on where I should put my focus? I have already gotten my feet wet on the many different platforms, but I never seem to score any Dsound/Dlive/Dtube upvotes.

I just got myself a new laptop with Ableton 10, sooo stay tuned for tons of new music coming up! :D


Ha. Funny ... I have been listening to you on DSound and convinced myself I was seeing you in rotation on Choon. I'm more or less focused on those two platforms at the moment, and I've found the folks at @musicvoter (atomcollectorrecords) to be super helpful in building a following on both platforms. I'd highly recommend getting on their Discord server, especially if you are building a fanbase on Choon as there really aren't a ton of options for promotion there yet. Also highly recommend posting your DSound links onto the appropriate channels on their Discord. Definitely helps to get to know some of the people regularly posting and running the show, the DSound folks are some of the raddest people I've found in my tenure as a blockchain musician = ) @prc has been super helpful every time I've had a question, is very engaged with the community and is one of the few people I actively vote on as a witness as his sweat equity and proof of concept that Dapps can work in this environment is actively adding value to the Steem blockchain, straight up.