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Today isn’t like most days; in fact it’s the start to something I wish to continue for the duration of my life. As I young child I was forced to take music lessons and was punished by learning piano as a first instrument. Little did I know that the countless hours I would sit in front of my box piano would shape the rest of my life? Having to practice piano as a 6 year old was the last thing I wanted to do. Playing outside watching TV playing video games was all I needed and learning classical piano was a bore. My teacher taught me classical piano and theory for about 8 years and honestly even then I hated it. In junior high I joined the band in hopes of picking up a new cool instrument like the drums, but nope the clarinet was my ticket torment for the next 2 years.

Fast forward to high school and by this time I was in the driver seat. I bought a starter guitar pack from a neighbor and I was off to the races. With all my stored musical knowledge it was like talking to a friend you hadn’t seen in years. It was at this very moment I had realized the magnitude of debt that was owed to my parents for the foresight they had in making me stick to music.

I hope you enjoy this series I’m going to share on Steemit. It covers the basics to beat production-using logic. Im uploading this content for the blockchain. =)

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Trey Dojaa

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Dope man I'm a music producer myself. I've been at it for 10 years now, but full-time for 1. I'll check out your stuff.