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Remember when art use to mean something?
Before it was highjacked by corporations and its content changed from what the people wanted to put out as their message to the world and its people. To now be whatever the rulers want us to hear and see, keeping us all unhappy and divided. Living in misery. Plenty of artists with a real meaningful message that will never get heard on mainstream. Turn off on mainstream stop paying for this shit. I can't believe people turn on a tv. Even more unbelievable to me is that people will pay not only to buy the tv people will also work hard and pay CA$$ to watch what they ram down our throats. To me it's like buying and supplying our owner/handlers with the very chains to restrict us. We the people let them take everything of us and sell it back to us. Even our art. Not to mention water a necessity to all life. Now we are doing it with our weed. I really can't believe that. It's like the one thing we had left and we are begging them to make it legal then sell it back to us. We should just be doing what suits us and telling the GUMBYMENTs of the world who are supposed to be working hard for us towards our happiness and fruitfully enriched fulfilled lives. We should just be telling them to get fucked, they need to change to suit us not the other way round as it currently is. I as one of we the people have had enough.


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I am on your wave length Tony! Fuck legalization. DEcriminalize. And, thank-you so much for one of your last comments to me. The way it made me feel has been a nice reflection lately. The uncomfort of letting go what no longer serves. Before the newness unfolds. I really appreciated that.


That you sis! You look great can see that inner glow in you. I. So glad I was able to help in some way. Always remember you are the centre of your own universe. You have control over it by what you allow in and what you push away. If all else fails we can still remove ourselves from the equation. Thank you for the beautiful pic. I now know who im talking to.

Hi! Yup, this is me :) it's great to put a face to the name 💙 ....now to really let those thoughts sink in and to remember to own all that personal power!! Have a wonderful weekend my bother!!

You 2 sis just be in the moment cos every moment creates our future. Peace out. Till next we meet to speak. Take care.

Oh lord he exposed himself

I'm guessing this is you mark?

Songs blocked me but I know it well. I'll listen anyway another copy.


It's normal. Interdimentional copyright laws differ between countries. So when this happens you just look the link up yourself and it will give you an exact copy that is licensed in your country. It's w

I was wondering what the heck you were talking about. It felt like a lifetime ago that I wrote that. Come on Aussie, get with the program. lol

Things have been a bit busy for me and I get a bit slow sometimes when it comes to checking here. I don't get much happening here so I forget to look.

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Sorry I havnt been on for a while. Been waiting on glasses so I can see. Just followed you