My eBay Surprise

in #music7 months ago

I found this on eBay. An old record I recorded in the 70's.
What a shock! I had about a thousand of these 45's that I threw away. I don't expect anyone will actually pay this price. It has been listed for a long time. I expect it will sit in eBay limbo forever.
This song was brought to us by the late Elmer Willet who was the producer for The Vogues 5 o'clock World and other tunes.
It was written by Alan O'Day who wrote and recorded the song "Undercover Angel."
I actually never even liked this song. But I was young and listened to the "experts" who thought they knew what I should record.
They were wrong of course but that's another story.
Anyway it's described here as "Rare Disco Soul." lol
I could think of a lot of things to call this song, but that would not be one of them.

ebay nightstream.JPG

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