An epic Trouble Jam with guitar beasts Opal Ocean in France

in music •  5 months ago

18 June, 2018 - Terville, France

When we first saw videos of Opal Ocean floating around the internet, we thought "man we need to jam with those guys..." Our style and vibes seemed to be in a similar vein.

As luck would have it, they announced a summer festival tour of Europe coinciding with our tour and we were able to link up inbetween festivals in Terville, France. After a long evening of chatting and jamming, we woke up the following morning and went to the nearest park we could find (with a big, beautiful tree) and jammed around their song "Mexicana." The end result was something rocking!

What do you think Steemians?

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Thanks to #upvote me sir...
Best Regard,

you got a nice location under that tree.. and your play was great..👍

Like the heading says

This is really epic likewise the location. Kudos to you

Just an advice, the use of bots might deprive you of the engagement, appreciation, and upvote of other steemians. You guys are really talented, you don't need bots.

Secondly, do well to engage with other steemians on the network.

Keep steeming

Again, WOW fellas! Everyone in this video has intense musical prowess and command over their instruments. Very inspiring. I'm amazed at your ability to learn their song "Mexicana," and then make your own musical comments and interjections upon it, whilst holding to their original creation enough to let its form survive. You really were a perfect addition. I could comment on each of your playing individually, but that could get very lengthy as I have so much to say. So in all I'll say, you are each impressive and revolutionary musicians and you have so much to be proud of. It was also nice to see the new dynamic that was introduced to each players playing during this cover, as it deviates slightly from the style patterns of The Trouble Notes I've observed previously. I enjoyed this very much, thank you!

The talented Steemit community has art


Will you still be touring Europe in late July through August? It would be fun to catch a show while there.

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Ya'll should tour India together. Would be epic. Love what you do.

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I like music.

Love the energy and creativity! Keep it up.

Happy time, happy life!

Nice place for light music under trees

good post and done

Really great. Thanks for you music guys!

aweeesome I love it! <3