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Last week I set out with a musical experiment. I had this idea that I could try and create a unique sound by recording different guitar chords. Let me explain.

So last week I think i had a little too much coffee and went to bed over thinking and wired.

I came up with this system in my head where I recorded multiple takes of guitar chords or notes and then EQ the fundamentals in or out and put them all together as one mixdown and play the sound in a sampler.

This is how I did it.
First I recorded myself to a click track strumming a barred C chord. Played it back and it sounded like it should.
Then I played the inversion and recorded again..

For those that don't know an inversion. It is when you play the chord by putting the notes in a different order. Most chords are made up of 3 notes called a tri tone. They are usually grouped together by the root note first. In this case C, followed by the 5th note in the C major scale (for a major chord) and then the 3rd note in the scale. That is the order I played them. I then inverted that by finding different places on the guitar fretboard to play the 3 notes.

So I recorded some inverted chords and then added one relative minor chord for good measure.

A relative minor is a chord that relates the to major by being its melancholy buddy. They are related because they share the same key signature.
If you want to know more about music theory please delve in deeper.

So once I had my different recordings I took out a pen and paper. I listened to the first recording and opened up the EQ. I turned the volume up on the EQ and down in my headphones. This was so I could get a good visual on the frequency spectrum that my Eq was showing.

Then using high and low shelf's narrowed down the main peak and using my pen and paper made a note of the other harmonic frequencies.

I then opened up the other sound recordings and made appropriate EQ shelf's using my written down harmonic frequency. once I had done I played them all together and was pleased with the sound. I then mixed it down into one small wav file and loaded it into my sampler.

I liked it's sound. Very old skool sounding rave synth.

So then I spend the rest of the day making a track...
Want to hear it?



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