Choons ? ? New Release - Mastroberardino

in music •  9 months ago

Choons; a blockchain based music streaming site are currently running an ICO.
I'm interested to know what the main difference is between Choons and musicoin.

I'm using both. As an artist trying to make some paper from the music it's difficult to know what exactly you should be focusing on. If your like me and you produce your own music and you don't have the marketing power of a big label then you got to try every available avenue out there.

I believe in my songs. I think i make quality music with a strong emotional meaning. I want the masses to take responsibility for all the world around them, good and the bad. Take the responsibility away from the corporations and the big industries and think tanks. Take it from them and run the community in a way that is beneficial for all and compassionate to all.
Music is about sharing stories.

Sometimes though...
I just want a banging beat to chill out too and enjoy the moment.

I made this one for that purpose.
I'm making this post because I have posted the track on choons and I want to get gratification from people playing it. Is that too honest?

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Just listened to Mastroberardino, liking the electronic piano chords and the light feel of the track, I'd change your tags to include at least Drum & Bass so it gets put in the right genre.

I'm a Drum & Bass DJ as well as a producer and want to find new music on the Choon platform too, I always check the Drum & Bass genre :)

Looking forward to hearing more from you and thanks for the recent comment on my post too!