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I spent quite a lot of time putting together a post on the corona virus and some of the opinions I had formed from following its progress.... and yes it is progress and yes it is progressing really well.... unfortunately!!!

It is with horror and a little bit of disquiet and disgust that I listen to the presenters and You Tubers (not all of them) trumpet the latest death toll .... as though it is a cricket score.

But these are real people who are dying... leaving behind distraught and grieving family and friends.

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Why am I going down this road when I had changed my mind and decided to just do another NON VALUE ADD music post. Anyone for music?

I guess that's why they call it the Blues - Elton John

Fits my mood !! So far Africa is doing alright but how long this status quo will last is anyone's guess. We will not escape unscathed I am sure ... especially here in Cape Town, a tourist destination. And for me this is a scary thought as my dear wife spends many hours EVERY DAY in government hospitals going through all the wards. Interacting with medical staff from all disciplines... {sigh} .... another tune please ...

Even I am stunned at the ingenuousness of this next choice ... and I give you my word.... it was not planned. Just popped into my head.

Moody Blues - For My Lady

I was extremely ratty and sulky when we had to call our Italy trip off this year (early May) due to @fempower's work commitments .... now in hindsight it is a blessing, as the North of Italy was our destination. And who the hell would be wanting to sit on a jetliner with 180 odd people from all over the world when the virus has been confirmed in 62 countries already?

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

A good space to be at this time .... comfortably numb !!

As always, thanks for stopping by. Apologies for the rather downbeat post .,... but this stuff could get really serious.

Take care .... boost that immune system... prevention is always better than cure.


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There's so much crap going on all at once, occasional breathers are essential :)

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