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in #music5 months ago

This corona virus is so tedious and pervasive that I decided I needed to share some medicine with the Steemit community. After all, I reckon we also have our very own Sun Virus

Meds - Placebo

Yup, medicine theme it is for this Saturday .... moving right along...

One and One is One - Medicine Head

A really great album from my own little city of Cape Town .... need some MEDS?? Call the chemist ... just like Johnny did!!

Johnny calls the chemist - Falling Mirror

Take care out there all .... and to our friends in Italy, Spain and South Korea ... isolate isolate isolate

Only Sixteen - Doctor Hook and The Medicine Show

In these tough times I reckon we all need friends ... so I consulted (again) with Placebo and they advised which friends would be best ...

Pure Morning - Placebo


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