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Hey Hey it's Fridayyyyyy !!! Time to get your boots on ....

Get on your boots - U2

Not quite rock enough for me but another very nice foot tapping me loud song ... to get you in the mood for the weekend...

You bring the wine .... we will bring the weather ...

Razzamatazz - Nazareth

I have a really neat treat that I want to do for the rockers on this platform. I will try complete it tonight ... and get it published tomorrow ...South African time. For any person who digs rock it is a must read... it is in the shape of a type of rock quiz.

But in the meantime the party continues ... boots are in the theme tonight...

Crank this up loud and listen to a masterful drumming performance by Bill Ward

Fairies wear Boots - Black Sabbath

Moving on rather rapidly .... pour yourself a joint easer .... leave the volume up loud and enjoy getting down to earth ..

Road to Ruin - Soil

Are you feeling relaxed yet bout some slightly romantic rock?

Dance with the Devil - Breaking Benjamin

Sorry guys gotta rush .... bloody loadshedding happening in two minutes ....

Thanks for stopping by...


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