Triangle as a rhythmic musical instrument.

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Happy weekend guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful day? Like I've been very busy these days but I intend to leave my art world for a while now and write little or more on music. Today, I will be talking about a musical instrument called "Triangle".

What's a Triangle?


What a simple looking instrument..

The above picture is the picture of the musical instrument I've been taking about, and as you can see, it derives it name from it shape, the Triangle shape. The musical instrument Triangle is usually been used in the western world music like in the Orchestra. The instrument is usually made of steel or beryllium copper, and it was first used in the 16th century in England.

Under the classification of idiophones.


Triangle as an idiophone.

Triangle as a musical instrument can be classified under the Idiophones. Idiophones are musical instruments that can create sounds by themselves, and most of the time it occurs when they feel the force of vibration on themselves. In the first picture, aside the triangle shaped steel, you can also see the small straight steel which happens to be the beater for the instrument. The beater is what would be used by the triangle player to hit the triangle shaped instrument in order to make sound.

The call of a Triangle in an Orchestra.


Triangle, one of the time keepers.

The mistake many people make is believing that Triangle as an instrument in the Orchestra is less important. Triangle is actually an important instrument in the orchestra, and it's one of the instruments with a very powerful, and unique sound among the percussive instruments. In an Orchestra ensemble, the Triangle happens to be only of the instruments that helps to keep the music in time. It also helps to keep the rhythm of the music.

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