The SNARE DRUM as a percussive instrument and it role in Orchestra.

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The Father of the percussive instruments..

This musical instrument above (the snare) seems to be the father of the percussion family. The percussion family as a whole plays the melodic part of the music. One of the technical part in playing all these percussive instruments is that they keep the misc time and tempo and at the same time they can easily spoil the production.

The Classification of Snare Drum as a Membranophone.


The SNARE DRUM as a Membranophone.

Membranophones are musical instruments made of membranes. Membranes are typically animal skins. But yet I guess some Membranophones are now being made of plastic or rubber if I may say. The SNARE DRUM is actually classified as a Membranophone because of the smooth surface where the play hit their sticks on to make sounds.

The SNARE DRUM is quiet different from many other drums due to the fact that it's been played with two sticks at a time and this made it create some wonderful melodies while performing. It's one of the leading instruments in the percussion family.

As you can see in the above picture, it's not the SNARE DRUM only that we have in the picture and at the same time it's not only the Membranophones we have in the picture but we can call all of them THE IDIOPHONES. They are idiophones in the sense that they can make sounds themselves either when they are being shaked or struck.

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