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The track 'Awake' by Shadowfields gives me hope that the music industry might not be hopeless after all. This song features a kind of theatrical storytelling that really takes you on a journey that you didn’t even know you desperately needed to be a part of. The track starts of with very modern sounding drums with a nice flanger effect, as soon as the instruments kick in this tune gets a very smokey vibe, it actually sounds like it could be the soundtrack for a show such as 'True Blood' (one of my favourite shows back in the day with a very cool soundtrack, so what I’m saying here is this track is on that level).

Once the vocals by lead and background vocalist Heather Humphrey begin it becomes clear that this group has something special going. This song also features the vocals by multi-instrumentalist Tom McKeown and I want to point out how well these two work together on this track. Not only do the vocals work well, but the instruments are also well chosen and the vibe of this track is almost hypnotising and so for all those reasons I can only recommend you check out Shadowfields and I can’t wait to listen to their upcoming new album! I also can't believe the YouTube video above has not got millions of views yet so go and check it out right now if you haven't done so already!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, however all opinions are my own. YouTube videos of the artist used in this post were used with permission, no copyright was violated.

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