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If you’re into urban pop and/or R&B then you need to check out Maximillian Goldberg and his amazing single ‘Players Club’. While it gets harder and harder to stand out in todays overcrowded music scene, this young artist with influences such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra actually stands out and is what I would consider 'the noise above the noise'. While many musicians may have these legends as influences, not many actually manage to make me think they are on that same level when it comes to vocal performance. Maximillian Goldberg has got outstanding vocals and I invite you to check out the track and let me prove it to you:

What really blew me away is the end of the track where it becomes obvious to me that this artist is either extremely talented when it comes to singing or he had tenor training (something that Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder also had, by the way). I have heard many musicians from all over the world in the last decades and I’ve never been so sure that someone will make it big.

A quick look at his official website confirms my initial thoughts: Not only did he win a competition creating a music video for the one and only Usher, he also got hired by MTV and worked with Justin Timberlake, Drake and other world-class artists on set. As if this all wasn’t mind-blowing enough, Goldberg also finished his bachelor degree a year early and is now ready to pursue a career in music and I sure think the industry is ready for him!

His single ‘Players Club’ is not only written and performed in a very professional way, it is also mixed and mastered to perfection and this is surprising as well because Goldberg actually co-produced the single with his business partner Benjamin Davidson, known as ‘Billy D3 Kid’. Personally I can’t wait until more music will be released and in the meantime you can follow Maximillian Goldberg here:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, however all opinions are my own. Content of the artist used in this post was used with permission, no copyright was violated.


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