Wow! It's very serene! Nice work!

Excellent work dear friend it is always good to learn something new, now that you mention it I realize the difference, thank you very much for this information

It is nice to see you posting, sorry if I miss some of them.

Nice song, and it got me w the pictures of the fluffy kitten and the frog LOL.

  • have a nice weekend man.

i hope you're doing well!

Thanks brother.

Beautiful, there is no other word. There is music that speaks for itself. I love the Concert of Aranjuez and especially the version of Paco de Lucia. Have a nice Saturday, Tamim.

yes, paco de lucia's rendition is also nice. have a nice weekend!

Wow, amazing..

Thank you for posting @tamim.

Really enjoying what you are bringing to Steemit for our viewing pleasure.....very kind of you.

you're welcome!

Aranjuez is one of my go-to pieces. Rodrigo must have been a party guy, but it has subtlety also.

i think the story behind the composition was the near death of his wife during childbirth and the loss of the baby. im not really sure, though.

I never knew that. It seems so lively.

the lively part i think has to do with him being resigned with the will of heaven.

It appears that you're correct about the second movement's motivation. Perhaps the livelier parts I am remembering are mostly in the first and third movements of the piece. This description indicates that he had some other inspirations for those parts.

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aww...thank you, frank!

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