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Want To Smash. What a name for a song title! "Want to smash?" Is a term used by the millennial generation. It's a term that means more than just one thing. Some people may hear the question; "Want to smash?" I attempted to define the many forms of wanting to smash on In the song the phrase is really a question asking; "Want to make content together?"

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The first verse is setting the tone where the potential of content generation considers expenses, location, and allure.

"I want to smash, tell you how we make that happen, I've got some cash, let's find a place, dress up sexy fashion."

The lyrics are purposely addressing the less formal; "Want to smash?" Where the question means; "Would you like to be romantic." In essence the challenging part of the lyric consideration was to create the residency of dual meaning that work in tandem with alternate understandings.

"Fill the room with colors, lights, and different types of props."
When you generate content light is a very important element. The understanding of photographic exposures can make or break content. Have you ever looked in the camera, attempted to take a selfie, and your face is hard to see? Under exposure may happen when the light source is behind the focal point. When you consider the sunlight in your content creation go with the sun. Unless you're purposely trying to create over exposure captures.( A great example of over exposure is pointing the camera at the sun and snapping a few pictures. You'll notice the overload of the cameras eye distorting the image.) Under exposure where your face isn't seen clearly is due to failure of light sourcing. Great light can create great content. Great light can create exposures that illuminate the subject appropriately. Have you ever been on If the answer is yes. Than, you may notice trending crowned Musers often have a ring light. The ring light creates an even array of light spread over the face. It's how a lot of your favorite crowned Musers look so great in live stream.

"Smoke you out just right."
This is another multiple meaning lyric. Imagine the smoke from a smoke machine. This would be the spot in the LikeApp video to add some smoke into the edit.

"Come to pops."
Sounds like; "Come to pop." Once again, it has dual references. Where pops is like dad. Come to Daddy Kid. It also sounds like; "Come to pop." Which can be slang for something that's overtly romantic.

"You can call me daddy baby. I'm a master boss."
The concept of mastery is something that I truly enjoy. It's the idea of a 20,000 life hour investment. I consider myself a master because I would like to achieve mastery with my guitar. The reason for my live streaming was in attempts to begin to document the 20,000 hour progress. I created to propose that a master's promise was taken by those I enjoy for their talents. It's depressing to lose someone you enjoy to a tragedy like depression. The idea to see your life in a way that calls for long term planning may save some people from their own madness. I'm working my way to 20,000 hours. To the definition on my website #SkaterMovement an apprentice can consider themselves a master because they've dedicated themselves to the mission. However, it's more so a masters apprentice. I met Chinese master artists while photographing for the UN Chinese Sport for Peace mission. It was a great time and I carry the thought of the talent with me in life. Amazing talent exists in the world. The best way to display your talent may be content creation. This song is a shout out to the vLoggers, super models, and content creators.

"Story told by body movement, lips moving, say; "Let's do this!" Kill me with your good looks! Give me beautiful content."
These lines are interesting. Where a story is told without any words. Body movement or non-verbal communication is the vibe in this line. "Kill me with your good looks!" Is a spin from the lyrics; "If looks could kill." by the band Heart. Growing up I found Heart and fell in love with their music. It sounded like something a photographer might say to a model that was fierce and needed a little boost of confidence.


Boom! Boom! My camera will shoot you!
This gives the song an element of focus on the focal point. Photo shoot is what's going on in the song.


"Want to smash? One time? Fire! Hot!"
"Want to smash? One time? Rock it!" ( Rocket and rocket sound alike. With features like LikeApp 3D magic enabling users to send a rocket into their video the lyrics are for content generators. The reference makes for great positioning into the video edits for content creators on apps like the LikeApp.
"Want to smash? One time! First shot!" (First take wonder! )
"Make beautiful content." (The chorus ends with a direct phrase saying; "MAKE BEAUTIFUL CONTENT!" because who doesn't appreciate beautiful content?


I've been watching a lot of vLogs and rappers. I notice many have made their mark on the cultivations of the world rising up with social media in hand. The second verse was one I wanted to create to shout out all the vLoggers of the world.

"I want to smash! Keep the hustle! Pile up the cash! vLog music video stacks."
Stacks is a common reference in rap videos, Stacks of cash.
"See you swirling in bed! Hair greasy, some might say nasty. Somehow high class."
When you think of the most beautiful super model on Earth. And, you think of the moment they first wake up in the morning. If you're in love, or crushing, it may be that hot greasy look. Where no matter what the regality in the person is the aspect that answers the question; "Somehow high class." The girly girl that just woke up after getting a little dirty in the garden image.
"Make headlines with heels! Show me thirsty! Make me want to write; "Hottest woman shot live!"
I'm a live broadcaster, or at least it's what I enjoy about social media today, the hottest woman shot LIVE reference exists for a reason. I've seen a lot of content. I've watched influencers rise up in a matter of months. I notice people have a "Thirsty" drive. Where notice is given confirming that appealing visual esthetic can drive up live views. I have an idea for an artistic fashion start up in Where live stream artistic airbrushing creations onto; pantyhose, nylons, tights, stockings, etc. Including the element where live production of the product exists as a form of provenance.
"Super model makes music in bed."
I'm a music producer. I come up with lyrics in bed. I created the image in the song because content generators can relate.
"Introduction in the driveway! I'm here to make video views skyrocket! Perfect with the camera flash!"
The perfect with the camera flash reference is emphasis on light sourcing aspects. People that have video views sky rocket may have put a lot of work into their content. That comes with a natural sense of light.

Who knows... Maybe, one day we'll meet up in the driveway to smash sometime!

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