Making this Creation : Episode 1 , The Hurricane battle and weird music collab

in music •  5 months ago

Evening from London Steemians !!!

This is a new series I am gonna do entitled "making this creation" where I show you how I make the music for my skate footage.

The Music

So a friend of mine from Chicago sent me a recording of a music box and a kettle steaming. Very ambient and weird but it was a cool challenge to make something . I split the music into two parts with a mellow sci-fi post punk 80's groove under the music box and then just went crazy with the kettle bit.

Here is a link of the sample

The Skateboarding

So this is a common place for me to skate on a cold Sunday evening in London. I had landed a new trick on the smaller ramp , which is the first slow mo of myself and then proceeded to take it to a bigger ramp. Before my footage I put some footage of my skate crew busting some tricks we all old farts from South Africa. I thought I had landed the tricks but my cynical skate crew informed me it could better son finally landed a sick one.

Hope you enjoy the video ,tunes, production and the first

"making this creation"

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Havent seen you in my feed in forever, then I did just now, and so I checked and you've been posting along. So that's weird. I guess steem is random as fook. Fun video to watch, since I do similar stuff musically. And glad you landed your tricks, though I really thought landing tricks was for a different profession... ;)


Noice I see what you did there :) Tricky :)


Awesome thanks dude , nice to hear from you . Yea I have been posting at least once a week. I think I need to post at this time to catch the American feed . How you doing ?


I'm okay I suppose. Not much takes me out, though some things get me down. I'm less than happy with the platform's direction at the hands of those who have risen to power and exploring some other options a little. We'll see how it goes. Stay on top of the deck and keep those wheels spinning.

Dude you continue to impress me :) But hey I have to point out, you may not have noticed, but it appears a raccoon may have crawled inside your place and nested on your head :) LOL
I love that you have been showing the process for making the music as well as having the skate footage but still it is not an overly long video. Very watchable. Your skating is coming along as well I can tell you have been hard at it! Love you bro. Resteemed.


Ha thanks dude its a zulu headrest thing I will show it in the next vid. Thanks so much for the upvotes and especially the comment you rule, I am hoping to be on the west coast in August

Sick edit man.
So interesting to see how you make this music for your skate sess.
I am a total idiot when it come to making music.
Congrats on back 2 back hurricanes.You executed both of them perfectly.
Beautifull shoes btw.


Thanks man , like the comment about the shoes they new as made old ones were dead ...too much shredding costs money sometimes


Yeah but who cares,that's what money are for.
Are the the K walk pro model?

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NAh they just like normal Vans , not a pro model, I think its like an update on one of the original skate shoes


Looking great bro.

Awesome skate content bro.
Keep shredding
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An amazing skating effort! And that you create your own music to go with it is quite impressive! I truly do not mean to be offensive, but is that a Donald Trump hairstyle?🙄


Hey no offence taken I appreciate all the comments I get . The thing on my head is like zulu head rest . I am originally from South Africa so thats why I have that . I am going to make another vid soon and show it. Thanks again or your kind words