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Making a song about blockchain technology is something very fresh.It is a modern future technology.I heard the Glam Rock song"Blockchain Eternity"of Aaron Koenig.At the first moment I played the song I realized it really can make you dance.The positive vibes of the song fill my entire room.Nice work.The visuals and effect of stars shining all over the place,even in Aaron eyes are cool.

After first minute of the song, I noticed there are no elements of modern music in the song.And it should be,since the song talks about blockchain technology.No matter do we like the modern music or not, this song should sound fresh and very 2017.

A simple "touch" can transform song and make a new feeling of it.Many musicians are too "closed"for such ideas.The point of this transformation is to keep the character of the song,but add some "touches" and make it sound up to date.

I will give you  an example.Take a listen to original song.Stop after words "blockchain eternity" at 0.25 min

Then imagine you just add the effect of repeating vocal sample in the song,after words "blockchain eternity". 

Like in this Maceo Plex song at 2.02 min.

The listeners could immediately say  that song is not from 80 ies, because this added"touch" was not used in those days.

At guitar solo start at 1.32 min,a short 2 second pitch down of complete drum section would be second modern"touch".

Only those two "touches " could transform and update this song,without change it Glam rock character.

*I worked many years as sound recomender and advicer  for various international  record labels

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Thanks for the recommendations, but we deliberately wanted to make it sound like the early 70s. Not the 80s. Glam Rock was way earlier.

Nice to hear you !Tnx