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The things I do for the sake of my love for those bars and melodies can literally make someone easily label me MAD, but I do not have a single care in this world.

Music is one of God's greatest gift to mankind, and you can bear me witness that you cannot find a single soul in this world who cannot say that he or she doesn't have a favourite song or genre of music.

People listen to music for several reasons:

  • To pass the time

Those who live on the road have this as a lifestyle asides from the few who enjoy radio shows. This music keeps them busy in a way because most times the things on the road can be quite boring or tiresome.

  • To feel safe

Most people find some good comfort in the arms of songs that permeates their entire personality. Whenever these songs are being played, they somewhat seem enraptured and forget momentarily about all that seems to burgeon their frail minds.

  • To make love

Most people will tell you that a perfect sensual night will be incomplete without the candles and music in the background. They argue that the songs help with the flow of the rhythm with their partners and also encourages healthy heated sex.

  • To make noise

You cannot fail to recognize those neighbors that have sworn an oath to be a thorn in your flesh. They take it upon themselves to disturb whatever is left of your peace of mind as if the daily matters you handle aren't good enough.

  • To read

While I was in school, music was my way of escape. I schooled in a place where you had to read on the go. So amidst the noise, my clogged ears kinda deafened the world and turned y attention to the voices now in my head. Plus there is a scientific experiment that proves that reading with music will help you remember over 50% of what you previously read. You can try it for yourself.

  • To dance
    This one is basically self-explanatory. Those who do this do not really care about the message the song passes. As long as the kick and baselines are on point, then they are happy enough to boogie.

Music is a gift, whether you make it or you are a consumer, RESPECT IT ENOUGH !!!

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