Are We Heroes - Qrittix Edit Mix

in #music3 years ago

The Wav-Legion project is so excited to bring Qrittix in on a full release original track. Qrittix wanted to send out a ray of hope with this piece in a dark time.

The Official Collaboration dropped last week with Qrittix, wav-Dr. and I. The track is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Spotify Link:

Qrittix wanted to follow up the original mix which was more acoustics feel with a more elaborate sound experience, adding in some drums and some extra powerful moments.

Here is Qrittix Edit Mix on WE ARE HEROES

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Always a blast working with you Bonnie! And i love to have had the oppertunity to make some music with the Wav-Legion. If it's up to me more will follow but i'll wait my turn haha. I love the reaction the song is getting! Looks like the message is clear and i hope you all stay safe!

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