World-Music Prerelease for my Steemit friends 💖 "You Took the Children (is This America?)

in #music3 years ago

You Took the Children 3500.jpg

I, as well as all of you, have been deeply affected deeply by the events set into motion by Trump Administration inhumane policies, Soul Sista Shakti and friends have set on a new trajectory to raise consciousness and inspire audiences to continue to resist injustice and evil and continue to work toward freedom and equality.

I'm sharing this with you loyal listeners and friends before the worldwide release which is in a few days. If you love it please make a purchase and support your artists! <3


Great vibration of the song @soulsistashakti

Congrats for the music

Looking forward to hear compositions ... maybe someday we'll collaborate if you'll ever need a mutli/ethnic instrumentalist


Thank you much appreciate!

This is a catchy tune and I like the music and singing! The lyrics will make listeners think. Good work! :)

Thanks Kenny!

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