Just a Blip in the Akashic Records - Acoustic Guitar Improvisation

in #music2 months ago
Here is a jam on my Wechter Pathfinder acoustic guitar to a 6/8 75bmp drum beat I programmed in Superior Drummer. I built a few drum loops in midi via my Roland Handsonic then edited a few variants of them to form the full length of the song first. Then I exported the drum tracks to my phone and I played whatever came to mind on my guitar. For the guitar I recorded both a microphone track as well as a direct track. With this recording method you can use the direct track to add effects such as reverb and delay in bias fx, then blend it together with the acoustic track to get a more full sound.

As for the title, I've been reading about the Akashic Records lately and found them interesting as a concept of a collective unconscious. Improvising on an instrument kind of reminds me of blanking out your conscious mind and allowing the subconscious to manifest interesting music, perhaps this taps into the Akashic field somehow... who knows. Anyways thanks for listening :-)