Obscure Revealing - Discovering Unknown Psychedelic Rock #188

in music •  last year 
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nice music my freind
i like this music art ^^
have a nice day ^^

This one is great again!

I have been into neo-psychedelic rock for the past 10 or so years now and have become quite a fan of the Brian Jonestown Massacre . This has led me to explore the more classic variety of psychedelic rock - and it seems the Germans knew what they were doing. My new favorite classic psyh rock band is CAN: " Hey you, your losing, your losing, your losing, your losing your vitamin C".

I started following you and will enjoy hearing more.

Ah yes, Catapilla. I forgot about them! Thanks for posting this and reminding me, I love this song. The horns at the beginning are amazing.

Thanks to you and a few other users, Steemit's slowly starting to replace other platforms for me to explore music on. So thanks :)