You're My Secret Ghost and I'm Your Girl

in music •  10 months ago 

You're my Secret Ghost is an original song I wrote about a girl in love...with a ghost. I came up with the idea one night when I was getting ready for bed. I was standing in the walk-in closet changing my shirt, and my husband Chad turned the corner and saw me in the closet. He actually screamed because he thought I was a ghost. So while I didn't get the reaction I expected, I got a really cool song idea.

This song style is inspired by all those lovesick crooners from the 50's and 60's like Darlene Love, The Ronettes, The Cavaliers and by and Corrienne Wynne Strong's "Hopelessly in Love" song, which I heard thanks to my talented cousin Cholly Nachman.

Thanks for watching <3

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Keep going!

Thank you. I will :)