DTUBE Exclusive Jammin Session #1 - Santy Rouge Original

in #music3 years ago (edited)

Hey! Here I am with a new concept that I want to show you...
My guitars, some great proyections and me for you! so I hope you enjoy it!

You can giveme your opinion that is verry important! That way we can create more and better experience for you here on Dtube and all this greats plataforms. Thanks for watch it, upvote and suscribe.
I love you guys!

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I love the melody and the background you used. I congratulate you, thank you for sharing. A hug!

Thanks for your comment, I'm so happy that you like this idea, the beach is a great inspiration for me! kisses

What a lovably music!! I can feel your soul touching the guitar, thank you for sharing!!

Wow thanks so much! I love your coment, Im gonna post more of this, so keep in contact! :)