m.o.a.i.n. - My dearest friend

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She is my dearest friend. I spent my whole life dreaming that I would find her. Life will throw at you the good the bad and everything in between. When staring at the scariest times of your life you got to be strong. I was lucky. Very lucky to not lose my dearest friend. Many aren’t. The feeling of losing her was stomach turning and emotionally unbearable. People come in and out of our lives but I truly think most of us generally speaking just want one person they can share their life with. Someone they can truly love and trust. If you have that person in your life cherish every moment of it because you never know when you may lose that person. If you truly want a person in your life like this never give up the search, and never settle for someone less than what you are looking for. When you find that person you will want the happiness to never end. Unfortunately, life always ends. Often sooner and more abrupt than one would ever desire. So again, don’t forget to appreciate the moment you are in, especially when it’s a really good one, and make sure it’s with your dearest friend or even friends.




Welcome aboard, we are a tough crowd, hang in there.
@steemseph may be able to help with those multiposts.

That’s not sarcasm, right?
I hope I can help.

Hi @samsonality! In the past my posts were huge... too large for some attention spans. I was told my posts were possibly longer than necessary, so I try to find a balance.
I’m in the middle of a three part series. It’s pushing the limits of repetition, but I'll make the last one a little different just to be a nice guy. (I just need to get the content about the album out.)

Also use other authored posts in-between your ALMOST repetitive content. Take extra steps to make posts with alternate subject content in-between. Teach how you did something in that ALMOST repetitive content.
I’ve also been pushing the limits of self-serving content, imho. This is why I would also appreciate a sarcastic tone to freeborn’s comment. I value his opinion and so should you. 🤣
I like to post a series that features other Steem neighbors and something cool they might have done on Twitter. I’m not saying do, that. It’s just an example. Post about something that helps Steem to help everyone.

@Freebornangel? You like? 😃

Yes, i figured you make music and would know the ropes.

Dude, you are double-posting the same track/video (and a third post with audio only).

Make one post with all the links to the same track, or you risk not get any upvotes from curators, and you might start to get downvoted, I'm afraid.

I like your music, but posting the same content several times will not get you more upvotes.

I’m just learning how all this works so I appreciate the tips. Someone else said this to me. I’m only blog posting to steemit once. But I use d.tube and d.sound as well. But its showing up on here as multiple posts.

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