music : on the subject of your style

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MrMalice - on the subject of your style , by MrMalice (=alleycat = me) , early 200s, fruityloops

MrMalice - on the subject of your style , by MrMalice (= alleycat = me) ... fruityloops, early 2002 ...

"Could you describe what style you have, we need something to box and label it so we can sell it, find a target ...."

I am a schroedinger's cat's nest ....

"What did you say, sorry i didnt hear ..."

I am a Schroedinger's cat's nest ...

as for the rest btw, i said about 1000 times this is the situation we would get if you didnt stop b/c YOU are in control, right ?

mmh ... yea i think i recognize a very small slice or roni size and afrodite so same shit applies ...

if you think it hurts baby jesus' lambo, feel free to send a takedown request to youtube signed

"i am a total wanker who thinks 20 year old samples used in tribute are the enemy"
put your name under it in public and i'll take it down myself

no problem ...

and the rest overthere, I TOLD YOU .. you didnt listen .... which middle finger do you prefer ?

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