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wanna label me, profile me ?


don't use f-words like "team" and stuff in my vicinity either, it might scare the cat and when the cat jumps on the roof it can take a long time to get back down ... ivory tower ... the only place where i'm still functional, ivory tower with my cat close by ...

and ... if you throw magic words like blockchain and crypto around, please know what they mean, DONT USE SALESPITCH ON ME .. i'm not gonna stop you, but keep it for the beliebers ...

straight up, please, i'm immune to dopamine, all those "jobs" made sure of that ... promises of future wealth is not money in my hands ... and so i am , again and still and i think will always be

a schroedingers cats nest that walks by himself, and all places are alike to me, see if Bill Gates came up to me like "yo i bought 50 lambos" id be like shrug ... is that all you can do with that much clout ?

i do it with ten cents here ...

some six year old rigs and two celeron pcs ...
and do you hear me complaining ? YES, all the time, and i think i should ... :D

u-huh, but somehow that always seems to be why you like me ... and hate me ....


without further ado ... wouldnt wanna miss my 15 cents here :) all for the greater good ofcourse, to save the whale from drowning in a pool with only a few million dollar in it ... wanna box me ?

MrMalice - Jacolyte by MrMalice (=alleycat = me), fruityloops, early 2000s.
Guitar bits i got mailed, sampled, from an old friend who went by the name of ... well it's in the title, right ... probably not much recognizable after i wreaked havoc and malice on them but you know, a guy tries for System 7 and ends up with something thats unavoidably
some kind of me ...
get ready for my style ... what style ? MY style, how we gonna sell that ... did i ask you to sell that ? .. well i dare say if warner bros came up to me at THIS moment, being the broke fuck i am atm, id have a real hard time refusing (but i doubt it as it has 'no style' in the box across the board anyway, and its FAR FROM POP

This one is done with KDENlive, there i was, wondering why dafuk i got those crappy pixelated resolutions and what happened to the interface (=LULzzzz....). Turns out i was editing with pitivi, not kdenlive ... (yea, schroedingers cat nest have both air and brains in skull at the same space in time) so this should look better and maybe sound a lit less noisy (but most of the samples i used to use where like garbage-can anyway, whatever i could get my hands on , and its not like im a studio-man or ever took time mastering the sound or anything like that ... and why would i, right? the only people ever hurrd it was a few friends and mostly me for teh lulz of making it ..)
I think if i would have been an mc i would have been one of those backpackers going around the streets rapping for brew and spare change-battles ...
but MrMalice was a samplist ...

"you can't sit with us!"

"... dont wanna, who the fuck are you anyway ?"

3pm ... right ? i nag a lot about windows for being slow shyte , buggy and whatnot, i didnt boot it for like a month until that wanker kicked me from choon for no reasons given like his name was yuppie-with-a-blockchain and started doing these milkdrops since, well i didnt put it online in all 27 or more years but now, why not, right ?
i doubt there's any samples inthere that's actually sliced from songs so you'e gonna be out of DMCA there, trollboy (yea, you lot just make money by making yourself SO important, right, and you're the only ones making money off of it too , actually, i have no clue why "the industry" would sponsor you as it costs them MILLIONS, which they wouldnt earn in the first place from people who wouldnt or couldnt buy it in the first place, DUDE ...)

always nagging on windows, let me use a car metafor (everyone loves cars and bibles, right?)
If you were a car mechanic and you needed a specific tool to do the job, like simply b/c it's not available anywhere else. But that particular brand only makes 50kg monkey wrenches who act like the hammer of Thor when you need to wield it (and you're ofcourse not Thor in the metafor) how many cuss per minute would your ratio be?

my case stands rested, had to reboot it three times (which is about 20 minutes each, then it scans my flash drive without permission ... its a counterfeit i bought somewhere, but i set the partition so it works to the actual size of the chip in it, which means "no repairing" ...) so windows does not ask "can i do this, SIR?", windows TELLS ME, "CLICK NOW FAST OR IT WE WILL DO THIS"

annooooooooooooying ....

so by 3pm i got nothing done xept another milkdrop and i WILL do one daily now b/c i'm pissed off at wankers in general ... and there seem to be a lot of them lately

yours truly,
signing out from the east-flanders gravelpits

if bill gates were born here ... he would either be a simple millionnaire who moved to another country, or in jail ... (thats what they do with people who get too rich lol ... ask Van Rossem or Lernout and Hauspie ..)

GUD ... now euhm , oh well, i guess that's gonna be pretty much it for the day, did the steemprice rise yet or are competitive psychopaths still trying to ruin it for the masses they're so desperate to onboard ?

CAN YOU NOT SEE, you fucking tribalists how you need to band together first against the old world, BEFORE you start cutting eachothers dicks off ?

fucking narcist wankers ... (yea im totally me-in-speech again lately for some reason ...)

mm hmm , i feel it's better to ventilate than to hide it behind a smile that's not even yours, in my experience that leads to "it" coming out somewhere else ... you can not hold steam forever, the cork WILL pop, best to get it off your chest before it hurts someone ...

yea those were better days, that stands as a fact , but i have defender of the realm so the planet is safe from extinction ... for now

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