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During my Steemit break I put together the above video clip. I mentioned in a previous post that I launched a YouTube channel for Barbara Dennerlein, friend who is also one of my favorite musicians. The channel has passed the five million views mark, and the two top videos each have over a million views.

It's been quite a while since I uploaded a video, so I made this one to celebrate Barbara's birthday this month. I wanted to have a little fun with it (something that does happen a lot with jazz.) I played off the title "Outhipped" which was the title of the last album she made on the legendary Verve label -- this was the title song.

Because she's going out on the road, I let her know about it a couple of weeks before her birthday, and I'm happy to report she just called and really loves it. BTW, the Italian guitarist Gino Samele does a great job on this tune. The concert is from the year 2000 when Barbara was opening for the great Ray Charles.

Below is the studio version recorded in New York, also from the year 2000.

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What a funky 7/4 tune! First I read the title as outhippied, which is not a bad title either.


I'm impressed you picked up on that time signature! If you get a chance, the studio version is also really cool.


I let youtube roll yesterday and listened to a lot of fine things. She is a great musician!

So funny! With this video you did a great job to celebrate an extraordinary artist. I heard the first time of Barbara Dennerlein by you. I like her music very much!

Tolles Video! Köstlich.... und ich habe eine neue Künstlerin kennen gelernt. Gefällt mir ;-)