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I think asking this question is the most important thing when you compose/produce electronic music. Why do I turn this knob and not that? Why do I want that sound and not this? And why now? Why here? I´m going to shed some light on the matter in a series of posts. And I´m not going to give them a number. There is no first question. Not even something like a next one. They are all here. At once. At the same time and equally important. Enjoy it!why.jpg

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Hi Rolf, I’m really looking forward to your series! When creating music or any other art there is always this flow of creativity that let you just do things out of emotions. But to come to a result you definitely have to ask this question to yourself constantly, otherwise you’re losing the plot of what you’re doing.

Yes! That nails it! It´s easier for classic and neoclassic composers. They have their rules and things. Rules, which don´t guarantee, that their work is really good, but give a kind of guideline to decide, if their work is at least "OK" or not. Well, well, kind of doubtable on the other hand. Enjoy your day! Rolf

Thank you Rolf! :) I think you brought up a very substantial issue. Many artists refuse to get themselves into a set of rules but even more just get into a genre, that gives them the rules... it takes away a lot of decisions because you’re bound to the rules of the genre. It may be comfortable to create music in this style...but you loose your creativity to some extent....a very complex issue you brought up here...it even implicates the question of how is music making evolving in the future. Ha I think I just repeated your statement in my own words ;)

Please check out the music of @onemedia....I feel you are going to like it :)