The Genius of Maria Grever - Jurame

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One of the most beautiful love songs in the Spanish language was written by the Mexican composer, Maria Greber... Not only the words, but also the melody make this song unforgetable.

The first two verses are the introduction, the beautiful melody begins with the third stanza.

The song has been recorded by Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Julio Iglesias and many pop singers.
Here is a beautiful version, sung by Luis Miguel, from YouTube:

or this unbelievably beautiful version by the Brazilian, Nelson Ned:

Jurame /(Swear to me)

Todos dicen que es mentira que te quiero, / Everybody says it is a lie that I love you
porque nunca me habían visto enamorado, / Because they have never seen me in love
yo te juro que yo mismo no comprendo, / I swear that I myself do not understand
el porque tu mirar me ha facinado,/ the "why" your look has fascinated me.

cuando estoy cerca de tí estoy contento,/ When I am close to you I am happy
no quisiera que de nadie te acordaras,/ I wish that you would not remember anybody else
tengo celos hasta del pensamiento,/ I am even jealous of your thoughts
que pueda recordarte a otra persona amada./ That might remind you of another beloved person.

Júrame, que aunque pase mucho tiempo,/ Swear to me, that although a long time might pass
no olvidaras el momento en que yo te conocí,/ You will never forget the moment in which we met.
mírame, pues no hay nada más profundo,/Look at me, because there is nothing as profound
ni más grande en este mundo,/or larger in this world
que el cariño que te dí,/than the love that I gave to you.
besame, con un beso enamorado,/Kiss me, with a kiss in love
como nadie me ha besado,/like nobody else has ever kissed me
desde el día en que nací,/ since the day that I was born
quiereme, quiereme hasta la locura,/Love me... Love me until madness
así sabras la amargura,/In that way you will know the bitterness
que estoy sufriendo por ti./that I am now suffering because of you.

Author : María Grever.

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