(Someone very special) now has a song up on Spotify!!!

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So... guess what happened today?! I know I haven't been able to be as present on Steemit as I'd like, and I have quite a few backlogged posts I need to do. But today, a day that I finally have some time to do a post, just so happens to be the day (someone very important to me)'s song is officially released, so how can I not post about it, right?!

Today, Andrew Malek, aka my husband/life partner/father to our children/@dr00min officially released a song on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube Music, CD baby and a bunch of other places! I care about Spotify the most, as the title suggests ;), because it is my absolute favourite music player at the moment.


A bit of back story!

From a young age, my hub's always been musical, he used to be in a rock band called "Seed" before I knew him, they were pretty cool. He was the bassist, and sang sometimes. The band was signed to a record label, released a single, did a few gigs, but sadly broke up before they officially released an album. It just wasn't meant to be.
After that, he continued to jam with musicians, did a few live performances and wrote songs in his own time. A few years after that, we got together :) His love for music never died, but when we had kids, his music was pushed to the side so he could focus on his IT career and making money for the family. Last year, he was an IT contractor and at some point, one contract ended and the next one never came. It was initially stressful as hell, but eventually we decided to appreciate that he can now spend so much more time with us AND finally have time to make music again!!
He had a goal to release a song this year. He first decided to relearn guitar and make sure his techniques were decent enough. He then decided to modify his guitar, he geeked out and changed pretty much "everything but the wood" (hehe), he changed the pickups and all the electrical components, until he was happy with the guitar sound.
These last few months, he decided to revisit an old song he wrote but never finished. He finally finished it a month or 2 ago, and then spent any available time on recording all the parts (he has a mini studio at home, so this was possible). He found his old band mate who's a great drummer to do the drum track properly, and did everything else himself. The guitar, bass, vocals and initial mixing. We had an awesome and talented friend who wanted to help make him a music video. 2 weeks ago, he found a guy to mix and master his song, and a few days ago, it was all mastered, so he sent it off to get it listed on Spotify, iTunes, CDBaby, etc. And today it was officially approved!

So here it is, with the help of some very awesome people,

https://www.facebook.com/philip.page.507 for doing the drum tracks
@rod.crisafulli for the filming and making of the music video, and artwork for this song. Music video will be out soon!!!
https://www.facebook.com/mattclarkmixer/ for the mixing and mastering
and everyone who's given him feedback and support throughout this whole process <3

Here is Andrew Malek's first released song: "Insatiable"!!



Please do give it a listen, and if you like it, please do share. I'll be honest, I think the song's pretty catchy, but it isn't my favourite song of his, I do have access to most of his songs, mind you ;)
But with the journey he's had with music, and all the heart, thought and effort that he put into making this all a reality, this song is incredibly meaningful to all of us. It symbolizes so much. And it is so exciting for us all that he's finally officially put a song/creation out there!
Thank you so much for checking out this post, and if you managed to give it a listen, would love to hear your thoughts!

I hope you're having a brilliant week!

Much Love from Red

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Awesome job! Some impressive talent from Andrew there. I'm hoping for this song to take off (which I've no doubt it should) and checking out some more tracks... :)


Aww thanks Ezzy! I'm just so glad for him that he has the time and space to create music again, it's insane to think that in the first few years of us having kids, I actually almost forgot that he's a musician, especially when it was one of the biggest reasons I fell for him! Those were sad times (although necessary) in his music journey, we're changing that now!

Hey @redrica, congrats to Andrew!! I am very impressed with the song, very well done!!


Thank you Rea, we appreciate it! The music video should be out soon, and it will hopefully express the song and the concept behind it even more :)

Wow! That's super impressive and so cool to see how life can change in only a few months - and what can be accomplished in a relative 'short' time as well :D So so cool. It seems like he would do well if he published more of those songs - let him do the one you like best now ;-)


Thanks Rosanne! Amazing what you can achieve when you're determined, isn't it? :)

He's had an interesting journey in music, having such mixed influence from the R&B, Soul, Rock and Metal music (and much more) he's loved listening to over the years, and combined with the cool experiences he's had in the music industry (which I hope he decides to share one day), and the life experiences of being a husband and father, all that balled into who he is now, the music he creates is bound to be interesting. He also used to be quite a poet, so his lyrics will probably reflect that haha

He can't wait to create and release more, so watch this space ;)

Not available it said!!! Congratulations!!! Save me 1 ticket.

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The youtube video link in the end should work fine? And thanks Ate, you're very sweet ;) Miss you!!