Why do people hate Justin Bieber ?

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  I'm going to take this question seriously and attach it to a broader cultural question using other cultural phenomena as well. I don't know whether the intent of the question merits this energy, but I think it probably does.

I'm going to assume that this question is not about the version of Justin Beiber that is falling apart in front of our media gaze, in the same way that other young stars have, like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Justin is a train-wreck right now, if you read the media reports. One anonymous answer here references this. That's not why males hate Justin Bieber. Or, rather, that is not the Justin Bieber males hate.

Assuming your premise is correct--it must be--then I would say that some young males "hate" Justin Bieber in the same way that they hated the vogue for vampire movies and TV shows starring dangerously attractive but somewhat feminized male characters, or the way, in my generation, that "Disco Sucks" became an anthem for so many young males.

Sexuality is very complicated for human beings--frankly, it is the Achilles heel of the species in certain ways, since it ties us to our biological natures even as it also links to the most angelic elements of our being, which have to do with our capacity for self-reflection and, most of all, our ability to love others.

Fucking is an animal thing, and the incidence of sexual violence, obsession with pornography, casual affairs and infidelities, committed by men is so great that only a fool would say that there is not some program in the male body that is about these things--mainly the evolutionary drive to maximize outcomes for procreation.

All of this is tempered by civilization, sublimation, self-reflection, other biological values if one accepts that altruism may also be hardwired, the function of language, etc.

The kind of males who hate the young Justin Bieber, who is essentially pre-sexual, or ur-sexual, at the threshold of sexuality but not yet sullied by the physical dimension of it, are also in a period of maximum conflict regarding two male imperatives: to be a biological being and enter one's male, adult body, and to be a good man, and learn to love and care for others.

Hating versions of maleness that seem to have their cake and eat it--to be freed of the actual physical, biological being of maleness, while also getting the love and sexual adoration of females--in the ways that the young Justin did, and the various vampire heart-throbs before--is a natural response to a strange input into a very difficult equation.

Disco was the same way. Disco promised that you could dance like a woman, with that easy being inside the rhythm of one's body, sinuous and cool, and be loved like a man. It was, of course, a gay music--before AIDs essentially destroyed an emerging gay culture. (You have to have lived in NYC in the 1980s to know what this means.)

Most white boys of my era were listening to Led Zeppelin and Sid Vicious at the time, and the idea that there was an alternative to that sort of expression of male power and aggression that might be more attractive--that was hateful. "Disco sucks!" Male aggression more or less killed it, though it went underground and came back up through R & B in certain ways.

Males don't hate Justin Bieber (at least, not the early, sweet, cute Justin Bieber.) No. They are terrified of him. He represents an equation for sexuality and development that is literally unavailable, and the fact that girls like him so much--much more, so much more, than the emerging, confusing, male self of the adolescent or young adult typical male--make him a terrible threat, and something, for that reason, to be hated.

Not all males are like this. And most females manage to figure out that Justin Beiber, like the vampire boys, are just chimeras, enchanting but unreal. In the end, love comes from how we are different, not how we are the same.

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Just by garnering awards one doesn't garner love from the public. He is a spoilt person who has done more harm than good to the music industry.
As far as the "Baby" song is concerned, it is the perfect example of how fame is brought by infamy.
And, frankly speaking I don't hate him, he makes music and I cannot, in-fact nobody can, judge music. I just dislike his music.
People hate him for his behaviour and not his music.


People hate him for his behaviour and not his music.
maybe !!!

why do people love him?


I dont hate Justin Bieber, but i do hate what he stands for, that is the soulless business that revolves arround him. he is a product, a manufacture of the low-standart society we live in. that "music" he makes (or should i say gives his face for) is nothing more than some overused pop tunes mixed together whose sole purpose is to prevent your brain from functioning, leading young, easly-manipulated minds into consumption