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Today I like to share with you an album that may not have the absolute best ever music, but it brings up memories of great pleasure every time when I listen to it. And as a matter of fact, the music is pretty good anyway. Not to the levels of Brian Eno, Ricardo Villalobos, Jeff Mills, or even Talk Talk and others I posted about before, but still good!

My reason for sharing this album with you, is the fact the music is written for my all time favourite series "Twin Peaks", a series created and produced by master David Lynch (check this post here), one of my absolute favourite film, series and documentary makers! The composer was able to perfectly capture the weirdness and brilliancy of David Lynch's mind and supported greatly the flow and mood of the series.

The album is the soundtrack to the first season of "Twin Peaks" aired in 1989/90 and composed by Angelo Badalamenti. He started his career in 1986, writing music for another marvellous David Lynch movie "Blue Velvet". Since then he has written music for more great films, like "La Cité Des Enfants Perdus", "The Straight Story" and "A Very Long Engagement"

Artist: Angelo Badalamenti
Album: Twin Peaks OST
Year: 1990
Country: USA

Get your Weird Hat out and NJOY


Twin Peaks Theme
Laura Palmer's Theme
Audrey's Dance
The Nightingale
Freshly Squeezed
The Bookhouse Boys
Into The Night
Night Life In Twin Peaks
Dance Of The Dream Man
Love Theme From Twin Peaks







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Interesting series and great soundtrack, thanks for sharing

Glad you like it!

Strange music for a strange show. David Lynch is viewed as a genius in his film-making .

He sure is! And indeed, music fits the show completely, the perfect match!

Great fan, really love his music :-) Upvoted and resteemed!

Super, tou like this! Thanks :)

An amazing piece of music.

But I openly admit to having known Moby's "Go" first :-)


Moby's Go also good! :) Thanks for your support.

Cool post! David Lynch's films are so strange, but I'm glad he makes them. Hollywood needs some of that artistic weirdness now more than ever. Would love to see you post a little bit more about the artist in your posts. Something you find interesting about them.

I may do that indeed, with my @edje account. Check the post I mentioned in this post, it is an article about creativity and has a link to a video by David Lynch in which he explains what he thinks creativity is about.

I don't even need to listen to it, it is already in my mind :)

It is one of the many reasons why I love Twin Peaks as well as the work of David Lynch. Blue Velvet was the first movie I saw by him and it made me fall really in love with cinema. One of the reasons why I wanted to make movies myself.

Wonderful and unique music. I find there's also a strange beauty to the voice of Julee Cruise.

Thanks for sharing!

Blue Velvet was also my first David Lynch, how cool :) Maybe we are similar age?

I watched Blue Velvet at an arranged screening for Film Studies/ Film Theory, probably in 2001. It was one of the movies that really stuck with me among thousands of films seen during the 2000's.

I am born in 1981. After having seen Blue Velvet, I dove into the oeuvre of Lynch. I even wrote my final thesis on his (short) films. Wish I had been able to see Twin Peaks on TV back in the early 90s!

What about you?

I watched Blue Velvet on TV, must be not too long after it got released, maybe a coupe of years. Twin Peaks I saw on TV as well. David Lynch is for sure one of my most favourite directors and film creators.

Cool beans! Same here! He has been (one of) my favorite(s) directors since I discovered his work.

yuck Lmao
everytime I hear this intro, I think of a dead girl in a body bag, I was traumatized by this shit on tv when I was a kid.

Hmmm, heavy!

Great and good are seldom the same man.

- Winston Churchill

Outstanding post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!

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great the video