How To Get Goosebumps? Read and Listen...

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Last night it was a stay-at-home night for me. I took some considerable time to curate music, and I must say: It takes much longer recent days due to so many more posts. But it was time worth spending. But, after that task I really needed a break from Steemit, I wanted to listen some music. At the same time I also wanted to do something else.

So I flipped on the television and started checking if I could find some good movie with some good music. I ended up at one of the movie channels. Seen already a couple of times the same scene of this movie "Arrivals" - this movie channel does many re-runs - but for some reason never wanted to watch it more than a couple of 10s of seconds. Yesterday - however - I decided to watch it for a little bit longer.

The music suddenly sparked my interested!

After a couple of minutes, I told myself: "You Shall Try This Movie!". The music was simply OUTSTANDING! Luckily I have an on-demand section for this movie channel, so it was easy to start at the beginning!

I can tell you: This decision turned out to be the best decision I could have make! Not only because the music was SUPER COOL, but also the movie itself was VERY GOOD!

The movie is category SyFy, but not too much SyFy, shot and edited beautifully, has some good actors playing their roles convincingly, and it - also - has a great message: "We shall work together on this planet to survive!". At least, that is the message I distilled from it.

I'll not tell you anything more about the movie, other than the fact it got an 8.0 rating on IMDB, it got 8 nominations for the Academy Awards and won the Best Sound Editing one, and it got 2 Golden Globe nominations including one for the Score which is pretty GOOD!

Even when you are not into SyFy movies, I can still recommend this one for two reasons:

  • the SyFy elements are not too SyFy, the movie is more about connecting
  • the MUSIC is absolutely FANTASTIC!

If not for the movie, watch the movie for the music!

Or simply, only listen to the music by hitting the play button below.

That said, the music gets even more impressive when knowing the cinematic scenes it was created for. Otherwise the music may seem a bit too experimental for most people.

That said, I personally like electronic experimental music a lot, and therefore listen with great pleasure music scores written for movies almost my entire life.


Artist: Jóhann Jóhannsson
Album: Arrival OST
Year: 2016
Country: Iceland

(source & play in full)


Heptapod B
Hydraulic Lift
First Encounter
Transmutation At A Distance
Around-The-Clock News
Principle Of Least Time
Hammers And Nails
Non-Zero-Sum Game
Properties Of Explosive Material
One Of Twelve






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As I 'm a music addict, I'll check out these tracks :)

Please do and since you are also into Movie, check out the movie as well!

Good music indeed ;) Properties of Explosive Materials is the most interesting track for my taste

Thanks for this feedback. Certainly I nice one. For me difficult to say what track I find the best, but the second one "Heptapod B" I really like.

By the way check the fountain for a great soundtrack and a mind bending movie :)

That and melancholia are amazing in cinematography, I couldn't sit through the second one tho it's too long and too slow

Owww, thanks for the tip, Will do.

I loved the movie. Amy Adams was great.

Absolutely agree!

The soundtrack is amazing and the movie is one of the best from 2016 and I had the opportunity to see it in the cinema with my brother and my mother.
Here is my old review about the movie

Yep, the movie is super and as you write in your review, not the traditional SyFy movie, and that is what I like of this one. Bringing ideas what we cannot proof scientifically at the moment in a way it is not about action at all. Didn't know the director also directed the new Blade Runner! I saw that one in the cinema, and loved it! Well, loved the original Blade Runner as well! :)

I recommend from Denis Villeneuve also the movies Prisoners (2013), Enemy (2013), Incendies (2010), Sicario (2015), Polytechnique (2009) in fact all his films almost, i didn't see Maelstrom (2000) and August 32nd on Earth (1998).

Thanks, will check all these movies; Sicario I also know and seen and liked it really much.

This soundtrack is mad cool indeed!!!

I'm glad you like it! you said....playing it right now

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Enjoy! :) I assure you, when you also watch the movie, and after that listen to the music (also while watching the movie of course), you will get even more of those goosebumps.

is it really that good, I think I just sniffed the trailer and decided not to watch that movie, I might give it a chance although I am normally right and movies these past few years haven't really given me something to disprove the fact quality has gone down

btw what do you think about the other sound I linked just now

Movie: I think the combination between the music, the acting of the girl/woman and the slowmo styling of the film itself and the segments she is trying to talk with extraterrestrials. In that respect the movie Equals I like for similar reasons; cinematography, emotion of the movie itself, the music. Bot h movies, the story itself not that great, and both movies dont really have a special effects, but that is what I dont need in SyFy movies, I like the more 'intelligent' approach. One classic one in that respect is 2001: A Space Odyssey, slomo squared, but very solid cinematography, music and acting.

yeah and scary as fuck when you watch it, well being watched by the AI :D I never got that movie, they were to hell and back and the AI killed everyone... what a great opener :D

How about this one

that was one of the few ones that always used to do it for me :) still does :)

I might tell you where it was featured, maybe :)

It is an interesting track. Probably need to listen it on my HIFI system - since my laptop speakers are not that great - to get a better feel for it, but I like the mix between classical, the build up to the more energetic parts with the drums and all.

Yes, it's a fantastic movie and a kickass soundtrack. It was really a great experience seeing this at the movies and not at home...

Owwww, I can imagine the movie works great in the cinema!

Good posts, my friend. Greetings!

Thanks :)