A Heart To All A Valentines Day Graphic Music Composition by @playitforward

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A Heart To All A Valentines Day Graphic Music Composition

What is this? I created a composition in Pro Tools that has the graphical significance of a heart and the Steemit Logo within it! Why? I wanted to find an inclusive way to present Valentine's day. I believe this platform is built on content and I wanted to provide something of interest as well as do a new composition in a method I've never tried. Graphical.

Graphical composition uses blocks of sound that is based on a shape. Something that is visually recognizable. I chose (naturally) a heart for this holiday as well as the steem logo inside to represent the community and passion. We are all more driven from Steemit, and it's founded on supporting eachother. What a good model for the rest of the world!

The Video


To do this I basically brought out two instruments and recorded a linear sequence of ideas that I thought could work together. So the first one is a choir synth that I played which has a bunch of F Major related chords. Layered in a way so that none of them could clash too hard.

Then I took those ideas and spliced them into soundbytes, crossfaded the front and tail.

After that, I placed them around the Pro Tools session to form the first half of the heart. I then mirrored it for the back half. So in a sense, this is also a palendromic canon at heart... no pun intended.

I then took a piano sound, and recorded notes / chords. I layered that and created the Steemit Logo. This is also something I went through and colored for separation!


Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.00.23 PM 1.jpg

Check it out on Dsound

Steemians, what does Valentine's Day mean to you?


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Couldn't watch the video but I must tell you, even with the little write up, it depicts your creativity already.


Thank you so much! when you can watch the video give it a whirl! @tezzmax. Thanks for the support.

Another Genius production! Love it Happy Valentines to u and urs, Kudos


Thanks man! Hope you had a happy valentines day! @djlethalskillz

I was expecting absolute chaos but it ended up sounding great. Pleasant surprise. I admire the creativity. Good job.


I had to make sure the harmony would at least somewhat work together! A little reverse engineering. It could have been much better, but was a really fun experiment. Thanks for checking it out! @skillmusicsa