The most stressful gig I ever had - directing a ''party band''.

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Directing this particular party band was my most stressful music job ever. The amount of music I had to learn and write on a weekly basis was too much , I had to write parts for the rest too and be able to help put together full repertoires week by week , what started with a little folder became two huge folios of written music , all by hand.. from all styles of music.

At that time I had to have around 200 songs on the top of my head and be able to recall them on real time since the lead singer would change and adapt the repertoire on the go , he would have an internal mic that I could hear through my in-ears where he would request a song or a change of rhythm and I would have to then direct the band , who had a core of 7 musicians but a revolving cast on top of that. I kind of became a music mercenary at those times , I would even learn songs on the spot , on the stage.. We sometimes got requested songs we didn't know and luckily for me , there was always a player in the band who knew it and shouted the chords to then continue on our own .. they were experienced musicians , I was the youngest in the band .

Needless to say , the band was very effective and successful and I lasted directing it for almost a year , after hundreds of shows I had to call it a quit , the stress was just way too much to handle for me. They are still playing as they are relentless.. remember me not to accept the gig again :P ...

What has been your most stressful job?

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  ·  11 months ago (edited)

oh thats wild! to me that frantic pace sounds impossible but it shows as you write so fluidly now, a song a day it seems.

even when i was writing poetry i could only do something i liked once or twice a week (i was too picky with the words).

i have had so many crazy jobs, but i think any job can be stressful if you dont like it or dont want to do it, and most of my jobs are customer service. after a while people burn out or just stop caring.

i worked as an admin in a hospital and i always wondered how nurses dealt with that job, or garbage men. so many jobs that im thankful i dont have to do.

some people dont deal well with stress. i think in another lifetime i must have either been very rich and pampered or a beach bum.

hahaha I wish I could write a song a day .. it sometimes happens when I go intro ''freewrite'' mode but it's a slower process to dish out a ''complete song'' ( I believe they are never complete.. you just let go at some point ) ... and I am also very picky with words hahaha.. Spanish is so easy to mess up :/

Customer Service is scary.. but in a way.. everything is customer service.. even as a musician and doing sessions.. it's ''customer service'' .. I need to deliver something for the client, keep them happy ..

I have a good resistance to stress but I end up breaking down if I overdo it , so i've been learning to find a middle ground.

Btw.. you just gave me an idea for a post.. Thenkiuuuu

Much cookies <3

I don't think I've had anything that stressful, but that job must have helped your musical skills. I can see I improve when I play more and having to learn that many songs must work your music 'muscles' even if it is not always fun.

I've worked mostly with software and there have been times with tight deadlines when the pressure was put on us. We generally got through it okay.

I actually had a first rehearsal with a possible band last night. It's fairly new for all of us, but it's fun.

Hey @steevc .. yes indeed it was a musical training boot camp .. I did have to become extremely fast in learning and memorizing new songs and adapt to styles on the go . In fact .. i'm learning a repertoire right now for an audition for another band (original music ) .. luckily my parts are written so I am reviewing them now with my morning coffee and taking some breaks here and then :) . We'll see how that goes.

Deadlines are good to get you going .. I have to impose deadlines on myself to get stuff done too.. but if I overdo it it becomes overwhelming ..

Awesome about the possible new band :) hopefully you can share what you are doing at some point! Cheers!

That must have killed your moods and massive amounts of exhaustion. I don't think I ever had a job anywhere close to being stressful in that amount. Although does being a mom of 3 count? And a wife? :p

hahahahah foxy ! I think your job is 10 times tougher ! you win by far :P .

Have a cookie :)

Cookie is quite welcomed here, BUT, I have to hide in the closet so I don't have to share with anyone. Quick! Be on the lookout for the kids :p

Serving tables was by far my most stressful job- I would have nightmares nightly, serving horrific customers during my dreams and being in the weeds. I did it for 7 years. I made some great friends, but never again.

oooh.. customer service IS scary and the food business is a tough one.. I remember when I worked at a McDonalds to pay for my first guitar... I was put on the counter right away .. (started doing the bathroom cleaning.. we all have to start somewhere right?? ) .. The amount of times I got yelled by customers.. oh boy.. and all I could do was smile back.. once I had the money for the guitar.. I WAS OUT ! .. never again.. in fact.. I still hate McDonalds hahahah

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