Celebrating with the audience the performance of our students :)

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I found this picture from last year when our students did their end of the year performance in Buenos Aires , Argentina. I had the joy to share the stage with the kids , supporting their act. They did marvelous and I felt proud to be part of it , the energy shared on that stage was very refreshing. I find great joy in helping the next generation of musicians grow , it is food for my soul.

This is me asking the audience to celebrate and congratulate all the students that performed that night , after all , a happy audience is the reward of every artist.

PD: Going to the Riobamba studio this moment , Masterclass is tomorrow ! Everything is ready !

See you soon !

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And the Marshall amp :D
Which exactly?


hehehehe @slavomiro.vonzo .. It's a cheap solid state Marshall amp , can't remember the model, it was the ''house amp'' , it worked for the students :) .


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Here’s some more food for your soul. ❤️
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Thank you Serenita <3 @paintingangels