Kurt Robinson Raps: Anarchapulco 2017 (audio/video)

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At Anarchapulco 2017, I (Kurt) had the opportunity to once again give an explosive hip hop performance. I spent a month re-memorising the songs, improving my delivery, and practising my speech. This was this most effort I've ever put into preparing for a musical performance in my life.

I rapped songs about freedom, how governments terrorise their own citizens, the history of money and why fiat currency is dangerous, the power that we have hidden inside of ourselves, about my own experience coming face-to-face with death, and about the ex-patriates that now live in Acapulco. I also tried to convey an important message to the crowd, that acceptance of yourself and others can lead the way to real, lasting change.

Many thanks to Doug Scribner, Ryan Herbison, Dan Dicks @pressfortruth and everyone involved in this event.

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