Maria - beautiful song beautiful voice - beautiful lady

in #music2 years ago

cross posted from my whaleshares account

As some of you know, I run and Airbnb from my apartment. At the moment I have a couple from the Ukraine staying with me and shared some of my daughter, Eden's music with them.

To my wonderful surprise I discovered that Maria was also a singer and she sent me this link to show me one of her covers.

A wonderful story - she is truly gifted like Eden. Her husband tells me that some nights she dreams about music and then wakes up to write the score. Wow - what a gift - and I am enthralled with her beautiful voice and the wonderful music - I love violins.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did - she recorded this 5 years ago.



Thanks for sharing this.

I wish I understood the lyrics... Could you possibly leave a translation in the comments here? :D



P.S. Good guitarist too!

Had them over for dinner and forgot to ask - will send a message

Her voice is really angelic!

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